Metal Boat Covers

Moving close to the coast or even a relatively small local lake allows you to finally live the boating lifestyle all summer long. But what will you do to protect your boat after the season ends and fall and winter set in? Canvas and plastic covers rip and blow away in storms, leaving your precious watercraft exposed to the elements at the worst possible time. Save yourself thousands of dollars in boat repair and maintenance fees by spending a little money on metal boat covers first. A metal structure protects even the largest boats while they’re in dry storage to prevent damage from the top to the bottom of your craft.

Why Do Boats Need Cover in the First Place?

Since boats are built to withstand speeding across open water and sitting with constant exposure to water for weeks or months at a time, many people assume they’re resistant to damage in general. However, boats that are out of the water and exposed to harsh conditions can quickly deteriorate. Steel boat covers prevent UV rays and residual moisture from damaging your boat’s deck, upholstery, or finish. Frost and freezing water can also damage both the internal components and exterior surfaces of the boat. Enclosed metal boat shelters prevent all of these problems and more. Even an open design for your metal boat covers provides plenty of protection from the weather to keep your watercraft looking and performing like new.

What Makes Metal Boat Covers the Best Kind?

So why should you spend the money on metal boat covers rather than just wrapping up the craft in a tarp? These metal structures offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Increased wind and snow load resistance. The snow that piles on top of a tarp can still crush or damage components.
  • Comfortable space for working on the boat all year round.
  • Extra storage room to organize everything you need to maintain the boat, or fun accessories like wake boarding equipment.
  • Color options to help your building blend in with the rest of your buildings.
  • Interior design that makes finishing in the space as easy as possible.
  • Protection against theft, vandalism, and damage from animals looking for a place to nest.
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How Should I Customize My Steel Boat Covers?

After choosing a roof style and general size for your metal boat covers, consider the secondary features you want to make the building your own. Most boats will require at least one full-width bay door so the boat can be backed into the space. For easier entry, try a pair of doors at both ends of the building so you can drive your towing vehicle right through the shelter and park the boat without backing up at all. Windows give you a chance to peek in without opening the doors.

What Other Uses Do Steel Boat Covers Have?

The same buildings we’re selling here as metal boat covers have many other uses when you apply a little creativity to their design. For example, our enclosed and open covers alike work well for RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheels, and other camping vehicles and equipment. If you have ATVs and snowmobiles instead of a boat, they need clean and dry storage just as much as any watercraft. Think further outside the box to turn a simple metal shelter into a second home, guest cabin, home office, business storage, or barn for your beloved pets and livestock. has all the metal buildings you need, including plenty of metal boat covers. Our all-steel construction is backed up by a 20 year warranty so you know your structure will last as long as your boat with minimal maintenance.