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metal farm buildingsWhen you’re running a livestock ranch or a completely crop based farm, covered and enclosed space is always at a premium. Every square foot of covered space quickly fills up with stored items, animals looking for shelter, unexpected additions, and more. Finding a way to get tough and attractive farm buildings at a fair price can transform a struggling operation into an efficient and profitable one. We’ve got all the agricultural buildings you could need on a farm of any size, from small sheds to turn into milking rooms to full-sized metal horse barns that can fit dozens of animals. Explore our entire category of farm storage building designs before deciding which style is right for you.

5 Reasons to Choose Steel for Your Agricultural Buildings

If you already have older wood-framed barns and structures on your farm, you may not know all of the benefits of metal farm buildings just yet. There are far more than just five benefits to these buildings, but these five should be enough to convince you to at least investigate the potential of these versatile agricultural buildings.

  1. Superior durability: Looking for a barn that will last for years without requiring constant maintenance and attention? Choose steel farm buildings and enjoy 20 years or more of problem-free use thanks to the strength and toughness of the metal construction.
  2. Interior finishing flexibility: We don’t just call our farm buildings barns or sheds because they can be used as all of these types of buildings and more. Add stalls to keep horses and other herd animals secure, finish in the space to meet dairy requirements for milking or milk processing, or just leave the building interior unfinished if you’re only using it for storing heavy equipment.
  3. Future expansion capability: Once you’ve installed a metal farm storage building, you can expand it quickly in the future by adding a second building or a lean-to that connects to the existing structure. These extensions cost less than an entire structure and make the most of a limited farm expansion budget.
  4. More customization choices: It’s far easier to modify and customize your metal farm buildings than it is to adjust the floor plans used for building traditionally framed barns. Whether you want more windows, more doors, or extra storage space on the sides thanks to enclosed lean-tos, we can make them all happen for you.
  5. Low maintenance requirements: Spend more time on your crops or cattle and less time on maintaining your buildings by choosing low-maintenance steel construction.
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Potential Uses for Your Farm Storage Building

These agricultural buildings are so versatile that they can be used for practically every purpose you can imagine around the farm

Small storage sheds are ideal for holding feed, tractor implements, and even housing for chickens and goats. Carports protect your tractor and other large equipment from weather damage, while huge barns 100 feet or longer can hold over a hundred head of cattle at once. Creating more space for personal storage can also free up more prime real estate for farming purposes.