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2 Car Carports

For most families, one-car carports are a little small and three-car designs are just too big. Just like Goldilocks, these homeowners tend to find a double-wide or 2 car carport is just the right size to hold both vehicles and items in need of secure storage. These structures provide plenty of space for parking two cars or trucks, allowing you to use one side for storage or as a workshop if you only have a single vehicle. Growing families with teens that will soon need their own vehicle also need a double wide carport to keep up with demand for space. If you’re considering a double-wide design, here’s what you need to know.

How Wide Is a 2 Car Carport?

When you order your own custom metal carport, you can choose practically any width and length dimensions in common increments of 4 or 5 feet. However, there are some standard 2 car carport dimensions based on the type of vehicles you plan to store. If you have a combination of both compact and oversized vehicles, double the width of the largest car or truck to get a generous enough layout to accommodate everything.

  • Two compact cars or smaller sedans: 18 to 20 foot width, which allows space for one set of car doors to open at a time
  • Two mini-vans, SUVs, large sedans, or small trucks: 22 to 24 foot width, usually requiring an extra-wide door if you only want to use one on the carport
  • Two full-sized trucks, extra large SUVs, and other big vehicles: 24 to 30 foot width, depending on your desire for storage and workshop space around the edges.

What Materials Are Best for Larger Carports?

Older carports are often built from brick or wood, but these materials only last so long and require a lot of maintenance each year to stay stable. A 2 car metal carport is a much better choice thanks to the durability of the steel frame, siding, and roofing panels. The metal designs also take a fraction of the time to assemble thanks to advanced pre-engineering that you’ll spend waiting for a traditionally built carport. Whether you want an attached or freestanding structure for protecting a pair of vehicles, choosing a 2 car metal carport is your best bet. You’ll also enjoy plenty of design options like roof styles and color choices to help match the structure to your home or business.

What Determines the Double Wide Carport Cost?

Costs vary for metal carports because of variations in size, design, color, customization requests, and other features. It’s hard to estimate what any particular 2 car carport will cost, but there are some general averages across the industry. A double wide carport can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 on average if you choose a metal pre-engineered model, with costs double or higher if you go with traditional construction.

Double Doors or Just Double Width?

Open carports are easily managed by the drivers using them for parking, but enclosed models require at least one bay door to let the vehicles pull in and exit as needed. Smaller double wide carports are easily designed around single extra width doors that can accommodate both vehicles at the same time. If you prefer the look of double doors, just choose two smaller models from the manufacturer so they’re installed in tandem across the front wall of the carport. For a truly advanced 2 car carport, consider another double set of doors on the opposite wall so you can pull through the space entirely rather than backing out or in.

Do You Need Extra Height and Length Too?

Oversized vehicles like cargo vans and work trucks may require an upgrade to the carport’s height and length as well. Sedans are generally 16 to 18 feet long, but many trucks with service bodies attached can run well over 20 feet long. With the standard length of a double wide carport starting around 20 feet, you’ll definitely need an extra section or two to completely cover your vehicle without having to park it tightly against the front edge. Length is generally added in five-foot sections while height can be adjusted in smaller increments.

2 car carports aren’t just great for storing a pair of vehicles. These standard widths and lengths also provide plenty of space for workshops, home or business storage, and much more.

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