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General Questions

  1. What does Offer?
    At, we offer prefabricated metal buildings that come in all shapes and sizes. This includes Metal Carports, Metal Garages, Metal Horse Barns, RV Covers, Boat Covers, and even Custom Metal Buildings. With over 20 years in the industry- we have the experience to customize the building you are looking for.
  2. What Materials Do You Use For Your Metal Buildings?
    We use galvanized, high-quality, American-made steel to provide the most protection possible to your metal building.
  3. How Do I Read Your Buildings Dimensions?
    We use the standard system of Width x Length x Height to list our building dimensions. So when you see a metal carport that is listed as 18x21x7, it is 18 feet wide, 21 feet long, and 7 feet tall. Please note: roof extends one foot longer than frame.
  4. How can I Order A Custom Metal Building?
    We can write up your order over the phone. To find a price, you can either view our catalog, request a quote online, start a chat or call us at 1-877-517-4422.
  5. Do I Need To Have Anything Done, Before My Metal Building is Installed?
    In short, yes. In order to complete the installation in the given timeframe, the installation site must be prepped – normally meaning flat & leveled. Depending on where you live and what building you are getting installed, a building permit may be required.
  6. Will I Need A Permit for my Metal Building?
    Depending on where you live and what building you are getting installed, a building permit may be required. You’ll need to check your municipality’s zoning laws to discover if you need a permit or not.
  7. Certified Metal Buildings?
    Not all metal buildings are certified metal buildings. Some areas, depending on their location need to factor in weather such as heavy snowfall or high winds. If you live in an area that regularly sees these types of weather or an area that requires a permit for your metal building, than you will need a metal building that is certified.Certified buildings are specifically designed to meet certain specifications which signifies that they can handle heavier snow loads and stronger wind speeds.
  8. What is Gauge? Is it Important? What’s the Difference between 12 & 14-Gauge Steel Frames?
    Gauge is the metric we use to measure the thickness of the metal/steel sheets that our structures are made out of. A lower gauge indicates a stronger metal sheet, so a 12-gauge steel sheet (0.1084 inches thick) is stronger than a 14-gauge steel sheet (0.0705 inches thick). To this end, if your building needs to be certified, it will use 12-gauge metal sheets to protect against high winds and heavy snow. 14-gauge metal sheets are the industry standard.
  9. What is the Warranty For Our Metal Buildings?
    Warranties vary between manufacturing companies. Our manufacturers typically offer a 20 year warranty on all sheet metal. This warranty assumes regular care and maintenance & excludes certain roof types depending on length. Also included is a 90 day workmanship warranty. This covers any incorrections made during assembly or any roof leaks etc…
  10. When Can You Expect Delivery?
    You can expect delivery to generally be within 10 business days of your order this will vary depending on your location and distance the nearest manufacturing plant. Weather can sometimes impact this. During your purchasing process, your customer service rep will get in touch with you to find the best time/date for delivery.

Products & Ordering

  1. How Do I Know What Size Building I Should Order? Do I need to measure my site beforehand?
    The first thing you’ll need to do is prep your install area. Once your area is flattened and is level, measure the length and width of what space you plan on putting the building in. Height is important to know too. Keep in mind that you’ll need to prepare a space that is large enough for your structure and can accommodate installation of the carport or metal building easily.
  2. Can I Modify My Building After Purchase?
    Yes and no. Changes can be made after you have placed your order and prior to your building being made and loaded on a truck. If you want to change something on your order after you have received a scheduling call and your building has already been made and loaded there will be a restocking fee added to your order which is a minimum of $150 dollars or 5% of the price whichever is greater.
  3. How Can I Pay for the Building I Want To Purchase?
    Payment of a metal building is made in two parts. The first is due upon placement of order and typically runs between 10-15% of the total due. This down payment is paid to Metallum Structures dba The second payment is made to the manufacturer the day of the installation of the metal building. This is a cash payment option we also have Financing and Rent to Own options available.

Delivery & Installation

  1. How long does install take?
    Once your metal building has been purchased, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to arrange for the installation. After purchase, the manufacturer will communicate with you to see if the install site has been prepped and is ready. Once the site is ready, they will share the estimated install time frame with you. Installation times can vary from 1 hr up to 2-3 days depending on the size and complexity of the unit. Average installation times is around 2-4 hrs.
  2. Do I have to pay for installation?
    Installation is included for your level lot. There are possible labor charges if the unit is to be installed over campers etc, also if your lot is unlevel you are subject to a cut leg fee where the installation crew must cut legs to make building as level as possible.
  3. Are there delivery charges?
    There are delivery charges on units larger than 40 wide by 60 long. Your building will be delivered via semi to you location from the nearest manufacturing plant. Freight charges will be applied per mile.
  4. Who installs my metal building?

    All metal buildings are installed by qualified subcontractors. The crews are usually comprised of 2-4 people and they will arrive in a pickup with a trailer.


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