Metal Storage Sheds

Enclosed storage space is at a premium in most homes and businesses. Even if your equipment can be stored outdoors without damage, there’s no protection from vandals or theft when you’re just parking them in a yard. Metal storage sheds are versatile enough to use for storing practically anything, from hobby and sports equipment to high-end materials and tools you use for your business. With so many size options from space-saving 12×21 sheds to storage buildings big enough to store a private aircraft, you’re sure to find metal storage sheds that fit your needs.

Advantages of Steel Storage Sheds

All of the metal storage sheds for sale here on come with similar features and advantages for the buyer. The durability of 29 gauge steel paneling allows our metal outdoor storage sheds to last for upwards of 20 years and meet all the local safety certifications you need to pass the local building codes. Metal storage sheds also have compact footprints, with regular roof designs featuring no overhanging eaves to add to the space requirement. This makes it easy to fit them in small spaces like suburban backyards or commercial lots already crowded with parking spaces and structures. Finally, these sheds are all easily customized so you can keep them climate controlled or add in any equipment you need to turn them into complete workshops. You’ll be adding to the value of your property, whether it’s a residential or commercial one, by installing a durable and attractive metal storage shed.

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Applications of Metal Outdoor Storage Sheds

Most people shopping for metal storage sheds already have at least one use in mind, but by the time you’ve considered some of their most surprising applications, you’re likely to order two or three at a time instead. Some of the most exciting and valuable uses for these storage sheds we’ve seen include:

  • Small scale retail shops for farms and craftspeople who want to sell their products from home
  • Office and storage space for online businesses or client-orientated businesses like insurance sales
  • Storage for large but delicate equipment like musical instruments, antique car parts, old signs, and more
  • Tiny homes for guests or full-time occupation, complete with bathrooms and lofts
  • Indoor hydroponic gardening space, which could feed your family with fresh vegetables all year round
  • Family game room or extra hang-out space for your kids and their friends
  • Dry space for firewood and wood splitting equipment, which is essential for families who heat their homes with wood
  • Your own personal gym, complete with all the entertainment equipment you choose to add.

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