Metal Barns

Metal has a long history of use as roofing for agricultural buildings like barns. However, completely metal barns are a modern choice that work better on today’s farms and ranches than traditional wood-framed structures. So why are steel barns such a great idea for practically every agricultural use? It’s because they offer more benefits and better damage resistance, leaving you with less to worry about over the years as you enjoy the use of your barn. Our steel barns can be used for:

  • Storing everything from grain in bins and hay to the biggest combines, harvesters, and other pieces of equipment
  • Offering comfortable and safe housing for livestock, from chickens to cattle and even rare stock like bison or emu
  • Completing any kind of farm work from milking hundreds of dairy cows to processing foods for added value sales, since metal buildings are easily finished out to any specification
  • Turning the structure into a second home or guest cottage, with metal barn homes being a major trend today
  • Protecting horses from theft and natural risks like wildfires, which metal barns offer greater resistance against.
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Metal Horse Barns

Metal Horse Barns

You’re probably wondering how metal stacks up to other building materials. After all, knowing your options can help you make a smart decision in the long run. You may be surprised to learn that metal and wood stables are similarly affordable options in terms of upfront costs. Next up is general wear and tear. Metal or, specifically, steel horse barns are (literally) tough as nails and built to withstand the elements. By contrast, wood is a natural material prone to rot, termite infestation, or even horse damage. Metal offers a low-maintenance advantage for a lower overall cost.

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Farm Buildings

Farm Buildings

When you're running a livestock ranch or a completely crop based farm, covered and enclosed space is always at a premium. Every square foot of covered space quickly fills up with stored items, animals looking for shelter, unexpected additions, and more. Finding a way to get tough and attractive farm buildings at a fair price can transform a struggling operation into an efficient and profitable one. We've got all the agricultural buildings you could need on a farm of any size, from small sheds to turn into milking rooms to full-sized metal horse barns that can fit dozens of animals.

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Metal Storage Sheds

Metal Storage Sheds

Enclosed storage space is at a premium in most homes and businesses. Even if your equipment can be stored outdoors without damage, there's no protection from vandals or theft when you're just parking them in a yard. Metal storage sheds are versatile enough to use for storing practically anything, from hobby and sports equipment to high-end materials and tools you use for your business. You're sure to find metal storage sheds that fit your needs.

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Advantages of Steel Barns

Steel barns, regardless of size, style, or purpose, all provide the same kinds of benefits to the busy farmer or homeowner

First, these structures are easily installed and assembled in just a fraction of the time it takes to plan and build a traditional wood-framed barn. When you suddenly decide to expand your farm by adding a new herd or a new piece of equipment, you can have your new metal barns added within weeks instead of months or years. If you’re a DIY type, you can order our metal barn kits to install on your own. Of course, we do include delivery and installation on most steel barns to save you time.

Roof Types for Metal Barns

Our metal barns use the same basic roof styles as you can find on our carports, garages, and more.

  1. A-frame: Want a more traditional look than the curved edges you’ll find on regular roof metal barns? The A-frame style still has affordable horizontal paneling, but it also features a welded frame and boxed eave design that closely mimics traditional building styles. You’ll also enjoy slightly greater overall strength due to the improved A-frame construction.
  2. Vertical: When you’re storing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment or prize-winning livestock, you need the greatest security against storm damage, snow loading, and break-ins. Vertical roof metal barns offer the greatest durability, strength, and visual appeal of all of the barns we sell.

Custom Options for Metal Barns

Most farmers and horse owners start by choosing colors for the exterior of the metal barns they’re ordering. Windows are another consideration, especially if you’re planning metal horse barns that need natural light and ventilation. Add garage or bay doors for letting in large herds and driving in the tractor, then choose the number of smaller side doors so you’re not waiting on the bay door to roll up every time you enter or exit.

Benefits of Lean-To’s

Most of our most popular metal barns also feature one or more lean-tos to expand the covered space on the sides of the barn. These extensions may or may not have walls, allowing for ventilation. Lean-tos control run-off, create more outdoor storage, and cost less than separate buildings or future additions.


  1. We provide delivery and professional installation on all of the steel barns we sell.
  2. You get a 20 year warranty on materials with every barn, garage, or carport you purchase from us.
  3. When you choose professional installation, you also receive a 90 day workmanship warranty.

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