Metal Horse Barns

Are you an equestrian in need of more space for your horses? If so, it might be time to consider metal horse barns. These sturdy structures provide ample coverage for your animals while keeping costs at bay. Here’s everything you need to know before investing in a metal barn.

The Difference

Creative Customization

Now that you’re familiar with what metal has to offer, it’s time to get inspired! We’ve got plenty of roof styles to choose from when planning your stable.

Regular Roof

As you might expect, a regular roof or flat roof creates a box shape for the simplest metal horse barns design. It’s a good fit for a practical metal horse barns without all the bells and whistles. Don’t forget to consider your climate since flat tops are best for areas of low precipitation.

A-Frame Roof

The A-frame roof gets its name from a steep slant like the capital letter A. These roofs are common in cold weather areas since the shape prevents excess snow accumulation by design. Also known as pitched roofs, this design is popular for stylistic reasons in homes and metal horse barns alike.

Vertical Roof

A vertical roof gets its name from the vertical ridges in the roof paneling itself. In other words, this style is better suited to rain and snow runoff because of its verticality. Vertical roofs are relatively easy to build with a simple (i.e., cost-effective) design as an especially popular pick.

Other Considerations

Building a metal horse barn may seem easy, although it’s best to get it right the first time. Here’s some additional food for thought before putting your plans in place.

Ample Space

It goes without saying that horses are large animals and need ample space to move. However, be sure to allow plenty of aisle space to keep your herd happy. These animals come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds, so plan to accommodate every animal as well as any necessary equipment.

Doors & Windows

While windows are a matter of preference, don’t forget to include at least two doors in your structure. That’s because metal horse barns should provide at least two exit points in case of fire or other emergencies. As for the stables, consider Dutch doors with a split top and bottom to serve as a built-in window and gate.

Extra Weight

Do you plan to install kickboards in your metal horse barns? If so, that’s something you’ll need to know from day one. Added weight from any source may change the engineering requirements. Be sure to consider extra weight from added height as well as any other custom builds.

Good Location

Chances are, you already know where you’d like to build your metal horse barns. However, have you considered proximity to the main road or a smooth transportation option? Do you need access to electricity? Providing proper drainage could also impact your costs, so consider your site from every angle.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your horses housed is an important job no matter which way you slice it. Now that you know the benefits of building with metal, it’s time to start planning the ultimate metal horse barns.

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You’re probably wondering how metal stacks up to other building materials. After all, knowing your options can help you make a smart decision in the long run. You may be surprised to learn that metal and wood stables are similarly affordable options in terms of upfront costs.

Next up is general wear and tear. Metal or, specifically, steel horse barns are (literally) tough as nails and built to withstand the elements. By contrast, wood is a natural material prone to rot, termite infestation, or even horse damage. Metal offers a low-maintenance advantage for a lower overall cost.

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