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Metal Horse Barns

The equestrian lifestyle is expensive enough, and many horse lovers limit the number of animals they keep due to limited funds for expanding their barn space. Regular roof metal horse barns are affordable while still giving you all the benefits common to metal buildings. You can quickly add a small barn to take in a few new rescue horses, or build a massive metal barn with a span of up to 60 feet to house all of your horses under one roof. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your herd and how you want to finish out the interior with stalls, feed storage, and more. Check out our selection of regular roof steel horse barns to pick a budget-friendly model that still has all the features and custom options you’ve come to expect from

Advantages of Steel Horse Barns

With  nearly 1,000 barn fires a year  reported on average to the National Fire Protection Association, it’s not surprising that many horse owners are turning to metal horse barns to lower their fire risk. Steel buildings are popular for offering some of the highest fire ratings of any kind of agricultural building, traditionally built or pre-assembled, and choosing the right wiring and insulation materials further reduces the risks.

Metal horse barns are also long-lasting, resisting the effects of storms and UV damage alike or 20 years or longer. There’s no need to disrupt your entire farm just to install a new barn every five years as the old one wears out. After you’ve spent all that time arranging the stalls and fine-tuning your ventilation system, you don’t want to replace the barn and start from scratch. With care and minimal maintenance, a regular roof metal horse barn can last for decades and protect multiple generations of horses.

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