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We offer a full spectrum of color options for your metal building.
Color aside, there are a variety of other ways of customization, such as:

GALVANIZED STEEL FRAMING: Most metal carports are offered in 12- or 14-gauge steel framing. While 14-gauge is considered the industry standard, once we know more about your needs and climate, we can make a recommendation.

SIDE PANELS: While side panels offer more overall protection for your vehicles, they help reinforce the framing of your metal carport, too. This customization is especially important for taller carports.

GABLE ENDS: Gable ends serve two purposes: they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your metal carport since the frame and braces will be hidden, and they offer additional framing support as well.

J-TRIM: While on the surface J-trim seems like a pure decorative choice, its also provides function. Since sharp panel edges are concealed, it works as a safety feature, especially for families with children.

BOWS AND TRUSSES: Bows and trusses also offer support to your carport, working inside the roof and alongside the structure to provide added stability. Anchors: For additional structural integrity, your metal carport can be anchored to the ground-whether that’s dirt, a slab, or poured concrete.

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