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Metal RV Covers

Blocking rain, sun exposure, and even controlling the climate around the RV can prevent serious damage and prolong the life of your RV. Prevent plumbing issues with a climate-controlled building in northern climates.

Strong Construction

Strong Construction

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Custom Options

Custom Options

Metal RV Covers

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an occasional adventurer, protecting your camper investment is paramount. At Metal Carports, we have everything you need to know when shopping for high-quality metal RV carports. From weather protection to long-term savings, our experts in steel RV carports and other metal buildings are helping customers discover why metal carports are the ideal choice for any travel trailer owner.

Considerations When Choosing a Camper or Motorhome Metal Building

When it comes to protecting your camper or motorhome with a metal RV cover, there are several crucial considerations to keep in mind. Your choice of an RV metal building can significantly impact the safety, longevity, and functionality of your investment.

Size and Dimensions of RV Carports

Determine the size and dimensions of the metal building based on the size of your RV camper or motorhome. Ensure there is ample space not only to accommodate your vehicle but also to allow for easy access and maneuverability of the area.

Metal RV Covers Roof Style

Metal buildings come in various roof styles, including regular, boxed-eave, and vertical. Choose a roof style that suits your climate, aesthetic preferences, and specific needs. Vertical roofs, for example, are ideal for areas with heavy snow or rainfall.

Durability of RV Carports

Opt for high-quality, durable metals such as galvanized steel when selecting a metal building. Steel buildings are a popular choice due to their strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. Consider the gauge of the steel and the quality of the paint or coating to ensure long-lasting metal building protection.

Local Building Codes and Permits

Check with your local building authorities to understand any zoning regulations, building codes, or permit requirements that may apply to your area. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal issues and ensure the safety of your metal RV cover.

Foundation and Anchoring

Proper foundation and ground anchors are crucial to the stability and longevity of your RV carport. Evaluate the ground conditions at your site and choose an appropriate foundation, which may include concrete slabs, piers, or anchors.

Wind and Snow Loads

Consider the weather conditions in your region, including winds and snow loads. Ensure that your chosen metal building is designed to withstand these environmental factors through wind certification to prevent damage and ensure safety.

Metal Building Customization Options

Explore customization options with Metal Carport’s 3D garage builder for your metal RV cover. With options to add doors, windows, ventilation systems, insulation, or interior finishes as well as options of various colors and style choices, our 3D garage builder is constructed to design an RV carport that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Steel Camper Cover Budget

Determine your budget for the metal building project, including construction costs, permits, and any additional features or accessories. Using our garage builder, you can receive a quote for a new metal building that aligns with your budget.

Choosing the Right Type of Metal Building for RV Cover

Consider your climate when choosing between open metal RV carports and enclosed buildings such as a garage to park your RV. Colder climates call for walls on carports because you’ll likely want to heat the space on the coldest days to prevent freezing damage to the engine and plumbing system.

  • Standard 14 gauge galvanized steel framing.
  • Includes both roof and leg bracing for additional strength and stability.
  • We supply both the smallest and biggest metal RV covers you can imagine. With installation and delivery included, a 20 year warranty, and a 90 day workmanship guarantee, you’re investing in a quality steel structure for your RV.

Double and Triple Wide Metal RV Carports

Instead of getting metal RV covers that are just the right fit for your motorhome, consider a larger metal building with double or triple wide occupancy, allowing extra room for storing other important pieces of outdoor equipment or maintenance tools.

For RV owners seeking superior protection and versatility, double and triple wide metal RV carports are the ultimate solution. These spacious, durable, and customizable structures offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among those looking to safeguard their valuable RV and other belongings.

Regular Style A-Frame Roof RV Cover

A Regular Style A-Frame Roof RV Cover is a popular and versatile option for protecting your recreational vehicle from the elements. This type of metal structure combines functionality with a classic design, offering several advantages for RV owners. The A-frame design of this RV cover is known for its stability and strength. The roof has a classic A-shape, with sloping sides that meet at the ridge, forming a triangle. This design not only enhances the structure’s aesthetics but also provides excellent structural integrity.

These RV covers are suitable for protecting a wide range of RV types and sizes, from smaller campers and travel trailers to larger motorhomes. Their open sides provide easy access and ample clearance, making them versatile and accommodating for various RV dimensions.

Vertical Roof Metal RV Cover

A Vertical Roof Metal RV Cover is a top-of-the-line choice for protecting your cherished RV from the elements. Known for its exceptional durability and weather resistance, this type of metal structure offers a range of benefits that make it a popular option among RV owners.

The defining characteristic of a Vertical Roof Metal RV Cover is its roofing style. Unlike other designs, the roof panels run vertically from the peak to the eaves of the structure, forming a ridge cap at the top. This unique design not only enhances aesthetics but also provides superior water runoff, minimizing the risk of leaks or water accumulation.

Boxed Eave RV Cover

A boxed eave RV cover is a stylish and functional choice for RV owners looking to safeguard their valuable recreational vehicles rom the elements. This type of metal building combines aesthetic appeal with dependable protection, offering several advantages that make it a popular option among RV enthusiasts.

The roofing of a Boxed Eave RV Cover is designed to efficiently channel rainwater away from the structure. This minimizes the risk of water accumulation or leaks, providing superior protection during storms. Additionally, it can endure snow loads, ensuring your RV remains safe even in areas with heavy snowfall.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel Metal RV Covers

Galvanized steel metal RV covers offer numerous advantages for RV owners looking to protect their valuable investment. A steel RV cover is designed to withstand the elements and provide a secure shelter for your RV, camper, or motorhome.

Exceptional Durability

Galvanized steel is renowned for its exceptional durability and strength. A metal RV cover is coated with a layer of zinc that protects the underlying steel from corrosion and rust, making it highly resistant to the effects of weather, including rain, snow, and harsh UV rays. This longevity ensures that your RV cover will stand the test of time and continue to provide protection for years to come.

Weather Resistance

Galvanized steel RV covers are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They can endure heavy rain, snow loads, high winds, and extreme temperatures, keeping your RV safe from the harshest elements. This weather resistance translates to peace of mind, knowing that your RV is shielded from damage caused by Mother Nature.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a galvanized steel RV cover is hassle-free. The zinc coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or repainting. Occasional cleaning and inspection are typically all that’s required to keep your structure in excellent condition.


While the initial investment in a galvanized steel RV cover may be slightly higher compared to other materials, the long-term cost-effectiveness is undeniable. You’ll save money on maintenance and repairs over time, as galvanized steel metal buildings have a longer lifespan and are less prone to deterioration than alternative materials.


Galvanized steel RV covers come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different types and sizes of RVs, from motorhomes to travel trailers. Whether you have a compact camper or a large motorhome, there’s a galvanized steel cover to fit your needs.

Customization Options

These metal covers for your RV offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the metal building to your specific requirements. You can add features such as doors, windows, side panels, or insulation to create a custom RV storage solution that suits your preferences.

Increased Resale Value

Properly storing your RV under a galvanized steel cover helps maintain its condition and value. When it’s time to sell or trade in your RV, having a well-preserved vehicle can significantly increase its resale value.

Quick Installation

Galvanized steel RV covers are often prefabricated, which means they can be quickly and easily installed. This reduces construction time and minimizes disruption to your property.

Environmental Friendliness

Galvanized steel is a recyclable material, making it an eco-friendly choice for RV covers. At the end of its long lifespan, the steel can be recycled, contributing to sustainability efforts.

What is the Cost of Steel RV Covers?

The cost of a metal roof RV cover varies based on size, gauge of galvanized steel, and other customizations. RV covers for sale in our inventory include covers and garages of every shape and size. Use our metal carport prices chart or use our Built It Online tool to get a custom price and save your design.

What Makes a Metal RV Cover The Best Metal Building Option?

While the waterproof anti-UV fabric covers will work for a season, they’re not designed to weather harsh climates, seasons with above-average precipitation, or extended UV exposure. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for storage, choose a steel RV carport designed with your rig and your lifestyle in mind.

Why Buy a Metal RV Cover from Metal Carports?

Buying a metal RV cover from Metal Carports comes with several compelling reasons that make it a wise and practical choice for RV owners. Metal Carports is a reputable provider of metal structures, and our RV covers offer numerous advantages.

Quality Materials

Metal Carports uses high-quality materials, particularly galvanized steel, in the construction of their metal RV covers. Galvanized steel is renowned for its strength, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion. This ensures that your RV cover will stand the test of time and provide reliable protection for your valuable investment.

Customization Options

Metal Carports offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your RV cover to your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from various roof styles, colors, trim options, and additional features such as side panels, doors, windows, and insulation to create a fully customized storage solution.

Weather Resistance

Metal Carports’ RV covers are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, from heavy rain and snow to high winds and intense sunlight. The structures are engineered to provide superior protection for your RV, ensuring it remains safe from the damaging effects of the elements.

Expert Installation

Metal Carports provides professional installation services for RV covers, ensuring that when you buy a metal structure from us, it is assembled correctly and securely. Our experienced installation experts for metal buildings will ensure that your RV cover is properly anchored and aligned for maximum stability and longevity.


While the initial investment in a Metal Carports RV cover may be slightly higher compared to some alternatives, the long-term cost-effectiveness is evident. The durable construction and minimal maintenance requirements of a metal building means you’ll save money on repairs and replacements over time.

Quick Delivery

Metal Carports often provides fast delivery and installation, allowing you to get your RV cover up and running in a relatively short amount of time. This minimizes any inconvenience and ensures your RV is protected promptly.

Customer Support

Metal Carports typically offers excellent customer support and assistance throughout the purchasing process. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right RV cover for your needs, answer your questions, and provide guidance on customization options.


Metal Carports often includes warranties on metal RV covers and other metal building products, giving you peace of mind regarding the quality and longevity of your RV cover. Be sure to inquire about the specific warranty terms when making your purchase.

Secure the Longevity of Your RV with Steel RV Carports

Don’t leave the protection of your cherished RV to chance. Invest in the longevity and safety of your recreational vehicle with our top-quality Steel RV Carports. Our durable and weather-resistant structures are designed to shield your RV from the harshest elements, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for your next adventure.

Don’t wait until it’s too late—act now and secure the ultimate protection for your RV. Get in touch with us today to explore our customizable options and take the first step toward safeguarding your investment by calling us at  877-517-4422 or filling out our contact form below.

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