3 Car Carports

When even a double wide carport is too small for storing your vehicles or your oversized heavy machinery, only a triple wide carport will do. A 3 car carport has the space to hold three full-sized vehicles, two vehicles plus extensive storage space, or any other configuration you like. If you don’t need that much space just for your vehicles, consider the opportunities for alternative uses for a metal building of this size. Learn the ins and outs of 3 car carport designs before choosing to install one on your property.

Considering Snow and Wind Loads

If you live in an area with long, cold winters or summers that spawn intense thunderstorms and tornadoes, you’ll definitely need a reinforced carport. A 3 car carport is particularly at risk to damage from these two weather threats due to the wide span of the building. Open designs without side and end walls are particularly prone to wind lifting, while wide roof spans are weaker against snow loads without proper reinforcement. Work with a manufacturer that understands the challenges of your particular area and tailors their designs to your local weather requirements.

Why Metal Works Best for a 3 Car Carport

With the need for reinforcement and durability due to the extra span, the triple wide carport is safest when built from steel. Metal carports resist the damaging effects of hail, falling branches, and other hazards that can punch through the roofs of other carports. Both wood and brick carports tend to feature asphalt and plywood roofs that are weak against wind lifting. Metal buildings can be built in wider clear spans without center supports than traditionally framed garages or carports. Taking advantage of a clear span design that is 30 feet wide or wider allows you to use the covered or enclosed space however you like.

Deciding on a Number of Doors

When you’re planning to store two to three vehicles in a triple wide carport, you’ll need to first decide how you’ll want to get the vehicles in and out. A single door may work, but it’s usually not quite wide enough to let all three vehicles exit or enter at once. Two extra wide doors will accommodate three vehicles at once, but three separate doors is the ideal layout for most uses.

What’s the Maximum Width for a Metal Carport?

In order to qualify as a 3 car carport, a design usually must start at a minimum width of 26 feet. Yet this is only enough space for three compact cars at the most with minimal surrounding storage space. A better 3 car carport size starts at 28 to 30 feet, leaving more than enough space for moving around the vehicles and working on them. This also creates more space between multiple garage doors if you choose to add two or three to the carport. If you’re choosing an open design, extra width extends the drip edge of the roof to keep the ground dry around your cars or trucks.

Storing RVs and Heavy Equipment

Most 3 car carport designs are large enough to use for RV covers or storing heavy equipment. You may need to add a little side height to bring the walls up for oversized vehicles that have some additional height. Whether you’re storing a crane truck or an RV nearly as tall as a double decker bus, a modified carport is a great way to cut down on storage facility costs.

Other Uses for a Triple Wide Carport

Thanks to its generous size and open layout free from pillars or posts, a triple wide carport also makes a great:

  • Livestock barn for cows, poultry, sheep, and more
  • Storage unit to hold an entire home’s worth of heirlooms or store stock
  • Boat storage structures that allow you to avoid winter damage and high dock fees
  • Picnic pavilions and other outdoor covered spaces
  • Small buildings like shops, recreational centers, and welcome centers.

With so many options for customizing a triple wide carport, there’s no end of uses for these metal buildings. Check out our selection and start dreaming up ways to use all that covered or enclosed space. You’ll love having your own free storage space available just outside your home or business where you can access it 24 hours a day.

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