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Vertical Roof Carports

Why Are Vertical Roof Carports Highly Recommended?

Vertical roof carports feature the same style of metal roofing construction as homes and businesses, providing an architectural design that blends in with other residential and commercial structures. With vertical paneling, the roof is covered with panels of steel that meet at the top of the roof along the gable and run down to the eaves at the top of each wall. The top is capped with another ridge of solid metal, resulting in an extra sturdy roof that bears more weight. Other design factors that increase the durability of the vertical roof steel carports include:

  • Reinforced Frame. Multiple weld points add strength to the entire frame.
  • Gable Ends. Gable ends are an optional feature that will give your carport a neater look and improved wind resistance.
  • Low Maintenance. A vertical roof sheds water, snow, and leaves faster, resulting in less weight on the roof and fewer chores in the fall. Letting leaves sit on a carport can cause discoloration or corrosion, so choosing vertical roof metal carports is a good way to spend less time on maintenance over the years.

Benefits of Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Vertical roof metal carports are considered a superior style of carport because design factors increase the durability without significantly increasing the price. Some of the specific advantages offered by a vertical roof carport include:

Strong Construction

Strong Construction

Large Carports and Buildings

Vertical Roof Units are available as both carports and garages. The vertical roof style is the strongest style available, perfect for areas that get strong storms and lots of precipitation.

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Vertical Roof Encourages Runoff

A vertical roof sheds water, snow, and leaves faster, resulting in less weight on the roof and fewer chores in the fall. Letting debris and leaves sit on a carport can cause discoloration or corrosion, but a vertical roof carport won’t gather debris.

Quick Install

Quick Install

Delivery Available within 1-4 Weeks

Delivery can take place as soon as you need it in most cases. Be sure to file the proper permits for installation, and your vertical roof metal carport can become a reality in as little as 30 days.

Choosing Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Some of the specific advantages offered by this kind of carport roof include:

  • Extra internal bracketing and supports to reinforce the roof and prevent both collapse and lifting from high winds
  • 14 colors to choose from with many custom options on doors and windows
  • 90-day workmanship warranty
  • 20-year limited warranty on roofing materials

What Makes a Vertical Roof Carport The Strongest Option?

Vertical roof carports will eliminate snow and storm debris faster than their regular roof counterparts. If you are concerned about leaks but prefer a vertical roof, ask about a welded A-frame option. In climates that deliver lots of heavy snow, inquire about welded corners and brackets that give the roof more strength and weight-bearing capacity.


While steel offers greater resistance to damage from weathering and corrosion, the vertical slope design prevents debris and precipitation from accumulating on the roof. Steel also won’t turn chalky and worn looking as the years pass, which can be a problem with standard wood and asphalt roof structures. Triple wide vertical roof carport features include the following:

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel framing
  • 29 gauge metal roofing with twenty year paint system
  • Framing spaced 5’ on center or less
  • Includes roof trusses, and leg braces for additional strength and stability
  • Base leg height is 6’ tall

What is the difference between a vertical roof carport and an a-frame? 

A-frame roofs are both durable and attractive, but they aren’t as strong as top-of-the line vertical roof metal carports.

How much does a vertical roof carport cost?

The cost of a vertical roof  carport varies based on size, gauge of galvanized steel, and other customizations. Carport sizes for sale in our inventory include single, double and triple-wide. Use our metal carport prices chart or use our Built It Online tool to get a custom price and save your design:

Build Your Own Carport

What happens next after I purchase my carport?

It can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to arrange for the installation of your carport, depending on your location and permit process in your area. After purchase, the manufacturer will communicate with you to see if the install site has been prepped and is ready. Once the site is ready, they will share the estimated install time frame with you.

Do I need to prepare the site where my carport will be installed?

Yes. The installation site must be flat & leveled. Depending on where you live, a building permit may be required. Use our Selecting the Best Location for Your Metal Building article as a guide.

What is a Certified Metal Carport?

Certified Metal Buildings are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions like heavy snow fall and high winds. Certification often implies a heavier gauge of steel and is available for an additional cost when specified during purchase.


At, we offer:

For some homeowners and business owners, only the best will do. Living in a harsh climate takes its toll on outdoor structures, but our vertical roof metal carports can handle it all. These steel structures offer the highest wind resistance and greatest snow load capacity of all carport roof styles thanks to the reinforced style of roofing. If you’re not sure how vertical roof steel carports are different from the other options listed here on the website, review this page!

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