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How the Vertical Roof Metal Carports Design is Unique

Only the vertical roof metal carports feature the same style of metal roofing construction as you find on a home or business. With vertical paneling, the roof is covered with panels of steel that meet at the top of the roof along the gable and run down to the eaves at the top of each wall. The top is capped with another ridge of solid metal, resulting in an extra sturdy roof that bears more weight. Other design factors that increase the durability of the vertical roof steel carports include:

  • Hat channels to give extra support to the vertically aligned roof panels
  • Wall options to block air flow, create privacy, and control weather conditions and temperatures inside the carport
  • A reinforced A-frame design for the structure, which includes multiple weld points to add strength to the entire frame
  • Reinforcement along the eaves and backs of the roofing panels to limit lifting or bending due to high winds.

Why Vertical Roof Steel Carports Win in Harsh Environments

With such a sturdy design, it’s not surprising that vertical roof steel carports are widely recommended for properties located in areas with harsh climates. Hot summers definitely cause wear and tear on metal roofing and siding panels, but nothing beats the destructive force of a tornado or a blizzard that dumps multiple feet of snow. We can choose a thicker gauge of steel to increase both the weight bearing capacity and wind damage resistance of your carport, along with improvements to the frame and foundation to further prevent damage. Since materials that come loose from your carport can damage the rest of your property, you definitely don’t want to cut corners when it comes to building one. This makes vertical roof metal carports well worth the investment.

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How a Vertical Roof Alignment Offers Greater Longevity and Durability

Aside from being designed for tougher conditions, vertical roof metal carports still feature the other standard protections to help all of the carports we sell last for 20 years or more. Combine standard and optional protection like:

  • Galvanization of all steel, including structural and frame parts, prevents corrosion and is included for all metal materials
  • J-trim pieces to finish off the edges of the eave and wall panels, which are an optional feature that can prevent injuries and add wind damage resistance
  • Gable ends, an optional design feature, to give your carport a neater look and improved wind resistance.

Why Choose Vertical Roof Metal Carports Over Boxed Eave Carports

Unless you’re looking closely to notice the difference in roof panel orientation, vertical roof metal carports may look similar to boxed eave (a-frame) carports. However, all boxed eave carports feature horizontal roof paneling. You’ll see the distinct raised ridges on the panels running along the line of the roof rather than down it vertically. This slows down the shedding of snow and debris.

A vertical roof sheds water, snow, and leaves faster, resulting in less weight on the roof and fewer chores in the fall. Letting leaves sit on a carport can cause discoloration or corrosion, so choosing vertical roof metal carports is a good way to spend less time on maintenance over the years.

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