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RV Garages

Protect Your RV with the Best Option Available: an RV Garage

When compared with the maintenance required on RV’s that are exposed to harsh climates and elements, the cost of an RV garage will more than pay for itself over the lifetime of RV ownership. If you end up selling the RV or moving, the garage will not only keep the RV in excellent condition, it will add value to your property.


Modern RV garage designs have come a long way. Tall, vertical roofs with full-sized garage doors on both ends allow you to pull straight through. An RV Garage also gives you the advantage of a climate controlled building. You can work on loading and unloading, cleaning, and maintaining your RV in the AC in the summer and in a heated garage in the winter. When you compare the prices of a standard RV shelter vs. an RV garage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • All RV garages are available from 18 – 30 feet high. Custom options are available up to 50 feet high.
  • Frame upgrades available to handle high snow loads and high winds.
  • Installation and delivery included, a 20 year roof warranty, and a 90 day workmanship guarantee.

RV Garage Custom Options

An RV Garage will block high winds, rain, sun, and snow. With custom options, you can turn your RV garage into much more than just protection for your RV.

Ornamental Features

Ornamental Features

Choose additional walk-in doors, add windows, wainscotting, trim kits,

gables, and more.

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Vertical Roof Styles encourage runoff. They’re  identical to the metal roofing style used on homes and residential structures.

Custom Options

Custom Options

Bulk orders are available for campgrounds and RV storage facilities. Get in touch to learn more:

Choosing Options for Your RV Garage

Adding custom options to your RV Garage ensures it will meet all of your equipment needs:

  • Single-Slope Roof Carport: For additional covered workspace, consider adding a single-slope roof carport to the side of your RV garage.
  • Combo Unit: Add covered space or additional storage to your RV garage.
  • Frame Upgrades: Increase snow load ratings with frame upgrades.

What Makes a Metal RV Garage The Best Option?

While fabric covers will work for a season, they’re not designed to last more than a few seasons. An RV garage will last the lifetime of your RV and can be used for additional equipment and storage after your RV days are over.


An experienced metal building provider will provide all of the RV garage plans that are available to you as a consumer. Prefab buildings, custom metal buildings, and combo buildings are available in a range of prices and styles. Adding electricity to your metal building will enable you to add heat and cooling to your RV garage.

All of our steel RV garages come standard with the following features?

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with upgrade options
  • 29 gauge metal roofing with twenty year paint system
  • Includes roof trusses, and leg braces for additional strength and stability
  • Base leg height is 14’ tall on standard cover

How much does a RV Garage Cost?

Cost will depend on your location, the size of the building, and upgrades and customizations. You can get a general idea on our Metal Garage Pricing page, or you can use our custom 3D builder tool to design your building and get an online quote:
Build Your Own Carport

What happens next after I purchase my RV Garage?

After purchase, the manufacturer will communicate with you to see if the install site has been prepped and ready. Installation and delivery will depend on your location, the permit process in your area, and custom features for your building.

Do I need to prepare the site where my RV garage will be installed?

Yes. Use our Selecting the Best Location for Your Metal Building article as a guide and check with your county and city to determine if a building permit is required. If you’re not sure who to contact, our customer service team can help.


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