Metal Buildings

When you need an outdoor structure on the farm or just your home’s backyard, you likely need it done fast and within a fixed budget. Our metal buildings help you achieve both of these goals while providing you with so much more. Here at, we support every one of the steel buildings, carports, and other structures we install with a 20 year warranty on materials and a 90 day workmanship guarantee on labor. Regardless of the kind or size of structure you need, our steel buildings are easily customized and quickly installed.

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Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

For the fastest installation, stick with prefabricated metal buildings. These designs are ready to ship from the factory with as little of a delay as possible. Whether you want to try a DIY installation or need our professional installation crew, you'll get to use the building sooner while still finding a design that meets your requirements.

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Custom Metal Buildings

Custom Metal Buildings

Can't find a carport, shed, barn, garage, or other design from among our many metal buildings that looks just right? Contact us to discuss customization options and we'll work with you to create exactly what you have in mind.

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Metal Barns

Metal Barns

Farms caring for hundreds of heads of cattle at a time already know the benefits of metal buildings for barns and storage sheds, but even a family with a backyard milk cow or couple of llamas can benefit from using steel buildings as animal housing. Metal barns are also widely used for indoor growing facilities that rely on LED and fluorescent lighting rather than the natural rays of the sun. We can create custom barns and agricultural metal buildings with a span of up to 60 feet to match your exact specifications.

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