Installation & Delivery Time Frames

5-10 Business Day Estimated Time Frame!

Eagle Carports Inc, our featured supplier & America’s leading outdoor building manufacturer, ranks #1  with quality and also has unbeatable delivery time frames.

Delivery and installation time-frames vary based on current weather. If it has rained enough for water to saturate the ground the installation crews will be delayed to prevent making ruts in your yard/grass.  Ruts are formed when the heavy weight from materials to build your structure cause the delivery vehicle’s tires to sink down into your yard/ground.

Carport Delivery Time Frame

Check your local area on the map to better estimate your delivery time frame, including installation of your structure.

Time frames vary depending on the distance from our distribution warehouses located across the US and other factors like other installations happening the day of, and days prior to your scheduled installation window.

We recommend customers mark where they’d like to have their structure installed or plan to be on-site when the delivery window is scheduled with the builder. Due to the nature of the construction business and unpredictable delays by things out of our control (Weather, Traffic, Mechanical Issues, Equipment Functionality), we suggest that customers not take off work without pay because unfortunately estimated delivery windows may vary from time to time.


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