Custom Metal Buildings

In some cases, the stock designs available for prefabricated metal buildings don’t quite meet the exact requirements for your project. Turn to our customization services instead to create custom metal buildings with the layout and floor plan you want. We can design buildings with a maximum span of 60 feet and practically any length. Working with means you get installation, a 20 year warranty, and all the customization options you can dream up.

Options for Your Custom Metal Buildings

As you brainstorm your ideas for custom steel buildings, consider the general types of metal buildings and their design options. Mixing and matching your favorite features, along with some color choices to match the landscape or your home’s exterior, results in a metal building with all of the right specifications.

Roof Styles for Custom Metal Buildings

Start by choosing a roof style since this feature determines the general structure, the overall durability, size and span limitations, and much of the total cost. There are three main types of roofs you can use in designing custom steel buildings.

  1. Regular Roof: The most affordable option involves a simple set of horizontal roof panels that curve over the edges of the structure. Bears the least weight and offers lowest wind ratings, but even these custom metal buildings can resist conditions found in the majority of the country.
  2. A-frame Style (boxed eave): Regardless of which name you call it, this roof style for custom steel buildings pairs a reinforced metal frame style with eaves that hang over the edges like you’ll find on many homes. The roofing is still horizontal, but the A-frame design is stronger under snow loads and handles higher storm winds.
  3. Vertical Roof Style: For custom steel buildings that can handle over 150 miles per hour of wind and the heaviest snowfall, stick with the reliable vertical roof style. The roofing is installed the same way as any other metal roofing, with panels running vertically from the highest point of the roof down to the top of the walls

Custom Metal Building Size

Once you’ve chosen a roof style, you can consider the size of your future custom metal buildings. Widths generally begin around 12 feet, but there’s no need to limit yourself to multiples of this amount. We can build any width up to a maximum span of 60 feet. Most projects are a maximum of 21 feet or shorter, but we can add as much length as you need in 5 foot intervals by expanding the frame. Height can also be adjusted higher or lower as you desire.

Steel Framing for Custom Metal Buildings

We offer both 14 and 12 gauge steel framing for custom metal buildings. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the difference. With metals like steel, lower numbers indicate a thicker layer of metal. 14 gauge framing is sufficient for most buildings, but 12 gauge may be recommended or necessary in areas with storm winds or extra heavy snowfall. We’ll help you choose based on your area.

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Additional Features for Custom Metal Buildings

Windows, doors, security features, and more are all available through our custom design service. What else can you change about custom metal buildings?

Custom Steel Building Colors

Even our prefabricated metal buildings are easily customized with plenty of color options. We currently offer 14 color options so you can help the structure blend into the scenery or stand out and make a statement. Browse our color choices for roof and wall paneling and consider mixing and matching colors on different walls for a more dramatic look.

Certification for Custom Steel Buildings

Structural improvements added to residential and commercial properties in many of the states we serve may require you to file certain safety certifications with the local code office or municipal building authority. We can design custom metal buildings that meet state and local codes for fire, wind, and other ratings and help you order the certifications you need from local inspectors.