Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefab metal buildings were designed with the time-crunched business owner or homeowner in mind. Designing and manufacturing a custom metal building from scratch takes time, and traditional wood framed building takes even longer. When speed is an essential factor in a building project, consider pre engineered metal buildings. We have all the styles of pre engineered steel buildings represented here on

The Types of Prefab Metal Buildings

Prefab Metal Carports

Carports are commonly sold as metal building kits because this is one use for prefab steel buildings where customizations are not always required. Many homeowners are happy to choose from stock options for carports made with steel building kits because they can still easily change color options without slowing down the manufacturing, delivery, or installation process. We offer all three types of metal carports and can install all of our prefabricated designs on a tight deadline.

Prefab Metal Garages

Since most of the custom work in a garage is done to the interior anyway, why spend more money and time than necessary on the exterior? Prefab metal buildings are erected easily so you can spend more of your garage budget on insulation, organization systems, wiring, ventilation, and more. Many of our prefab metal building kits prices include windows and doors in the cost, helping you stretch every last dollar.

Pre-engineered Metal Barns

Some of the best uses for prefab steel buildings are agricultural. Consider just some of the hundreds of unique uses for these buildings around the farm or homestead:

  • Field shelters for horses, cattle, and other ranging animals
  • Full-sized barns or enclosures ready for emergency use
  • Secure and clean storage for hay, silage, grain, feed, and more
  • Enclosed storage space for tractors, heavy equipment, and other high cost equipment you need to secure behind locked doors
  • Open enclosures for sorting, treating, or stocking cattle and other herd livestock
  • Poultry houses, which come with a long list of bio-security and pollution requirements that are easy to achieve with prefab metal buildings.

That beautiful boat, motorhome, or RV you’ve dreamed about will only last for years with proper care and maintenance. Instead of treating the finish or roof every single year to prevent damage from rain, snow, and UV rays, add a permanent cover instead. Prefab steel buildings are an affordable way to cover an RV whether you want to use it multiple times a year or have it parked for long-term use in one place. In fact, many people consider prefab metal buildings part of their retirement plans so they can comfortable enjoy living in an RV without worrying about roof leaks or climbing on ladders for repairs.

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Why Choose Prefab Steel Buildings Over Custom Designs?

Regardless of your intended use for prefab steel buildings, the benefits of this kind of building package remains the same. You’ll enjoy a speedy delivery turnaround since your entire building is already packaged and ready to leave the manufacturer. Our installers are experienced with the designs, so installation is simple and error-free. Everything is included and prepared to streamline the process, so you’ll have a new garage, carport, or other structure after a short wait by choosing prefab metal buildings.

Prefab Metal Building Kits Prices

Ready to make a metal building part of your property? Check out our prefab steel building kits prices to see what features and square footage your budget will buy. With carports available for as low as $995 and larger enclosed buildings available starting at around $5,195, there’s something for every budget here at Our prefab metal building kits prices also tend to be lower than custom buildings because there are fewer extra steps required to put together the installation package. Shop our selection today or build your own project online with our Build It Tool. Save your design and get a quote.