Regular Roof Metal Garages

Turning to a pre-assembled or custom metal building is one of the best ways to control the construction costs of a project like a new garage. Other forms of construction can end up costing twice as much as your original quote or more as the need for labor increases or the plans change due to site limitations. Regular roof metal garages just need a stable and level foundation and you’ve got only the cost of the package to cover. With installation and delivery included from, it’s easy to stay within your budget. Regular roof steel garages are particularly good for homeowners on a tight budget because they’re the most affordable style of metal buildings available for garage use.

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The Hard Facts About Regular Roof Metal Garages

The regular roof name is not very descriptive, so it helps to have a visual guide to the differences in metal garage roofing styles.

Regular roof metal garages are covered in panels of corrugated steel roofing, which is the same material used on all of the buildings we sell. For this roofing method:

  • The panels are mounted lengthwise and run down the length of the garage rather than from the highest point down the to lowest.
  • Horizontal panels pass over the peak of the roof without the need for a secondary cap or piece of trim since there’s no seam to possibly leak.
  • The style of paneling used on regular roof metal garages offers plenty of coverage so that leaks don’t form unless there’s mechanical damage from something like a falling branch or a tornado.

What’s Great About the Regular Roof Style

Running the roofing panels on regular roof steel garages speeds up assembly, resulting in a faster delivery and setup process. You’ll also find that the prices for these styles of garages are slightly lower than the models featuring A-frame or vertical roofs. This is because the regular roof style uses the least material, therefore reducing waste as well. When you’re looking for an affordable metal garage that will still last just as long as our other models, start your search in the regular roof metal garages category. You’ll save money, enjoy a streamlined installation process if you choose a DIY kit, and get a stylish and durable carport.