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Consider your climate when choosing between open metal RV covers and enclosed buildings. Colder climates call for walls because you’ll likely want to heat the space on the coldest days to prevent freezing damage to the engine and plumbing system. Another option to consider is a  vertically orientated motorhome cover with full-sized garage doors on both ends – you can pull straight through without any need to back up. Instead of getting metal RV covers that are just the right fit for your motorhome, consider larger spaces with extra room for storing other important pieces of outdoor equipment or maintenance tools.

  • Standard 14 gauge galvanized steel framing.
  • Includes both roof and leg bracing for additional strength and stability.
  • We supply both the smallest and biggest metal RV covers you can imagine. With installation and delivery included, a 20 year warranty, and a 90 day workmanship guarantee, you’re investing in a quality steel structure for your RV.

Benefits of Steel RV Covers

Blocking rain, sun exposure, and even controlling the climate around the RV can prevent serious damage and prolong the life of your RV. Prevent plumbing issues with a climate-controlled building in northern climates.

Strong Construction

Strong Construction

Large Carports and Buildings

With plenty of customization options at your fingertips, your RV cover will provide the perfect protection for your rig.

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Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Vertical Roof Encourages Runoff

A vertical roof metal RV cover is the strongest and best looking option; identical to the metal roofing style used on homes and residential structures.

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Custom Options

Custom Options

Delivery and Installation Included

Bulk orders are available for campgrounds and RV storage facilities. Get in touch to learn more:

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Choosing a Roof Style for Your RV Cover

Some of the specific advantages offered by this kind of carport roof include:

  • Regular Roof: For the most affordable motorhome covers, stick with the regular roof style. It’s based on the horizontal use of metal paneling, which makes the most efficient use of the material, and the curved sides reduce waste as well.
  • Boxed Eave Roof: Increase the stylishness and durability of your motorhome covers by upgrading to the boxed eave, or A-frame, roof style.
  • Vertical Roof: The strongest and best looking motorhome covers are built with the vertical roof style, which is identical to how you install metal roofing on a home.

What Makes a Metal RV Cover The Best Option?

While the waterproof anti-UV fabric covers will work for a season, they’re not designed to weather harsh climates, seasons with above-average precipitation, or extended UV exposure. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for storage, choose a steel RV carport designed with your rig and your lifestyle in mind.



Enclosed metal RV covers are easily heated in cold climates where freezing damage is a concern. It’s also easy to winterize an RV when it’s parked under an open cover. Snowfall, extended UV exposure, and falling branches are a major hazard for RVs and campers of all sizes due to their flat roof styles.

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with upgrade options
  • 29 gauge metal roofing with twenty year paint system
  • Includes roof trusses, and leg braces for additional strength and stability
  • Base leg height is 14’ tall on standard cover

How much does a steel RV cover cost?

The cost of a metal roof RV cover varies based on size, gauge of galvanized steel, and other customizations. RV covers for sale in our inventory include covers and garages of every shape and size. Use our metal carport prices chart or use our Built It Online tool to get a custom price and save your design:

What Makes Different

20 Year Warranty

Certified Structures

Competitive Pricing

90 Day Workmanship Warranty

Delivery & Installation Included