Leg Brace

Leg Brace


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Braces are U-shaped channels that are used to assist in reinforcing the structure of the building. Our buildings come standard with some type of bracing, from four braces up to one on each leg, depending on the type of building purchased. For those buildings in which the bracing is an optional feature we recommend 2’ braces on buildings 8’ or shorter and 3’ braces on buildings 9’ or taller. Please measure your leg post width to make sure that you order the correct brace width. Both our 2.25″and 2.5″ braces are made with 18 gauge steel. Don’t have and Eagle carport? it’s ok our braces can be used with our competitors frame as well, just make sure the width is the correct one for you.

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 12 ft

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