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Do you want to protect your belongings with the strength of steel?

Do you need to store your car, equipment, or belongings away from the elements? provides premium metal carports and steel buildings at a great price point. From simple one and two car designs to large garages and farm buildings, our functional products are designed and manufactured to last. We specialize in smart pre-fabricated steel solutions and provide detailed customization options for customers in Lake Charles and across Louisiana.

If you need metal carports in Lake Charles, LA, we offer great products at an unbeatable price. We have been in business for over 80 years. Our proven manufacturing techniques and installation experience support thousands of customers throughout the state. Along with steel carports in all shapes and sizes, we supply a variety of garages, farm structures, and metal buildings to residents and businesses in the Lake Charles area.

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Top Selling Carports & Buildings In Lake Charles, LA

Our Louisiana carports provide lasting protection from tough weather conditions. Rain, hail, wind, and even sunshine will make your car age faster than it needs to, damaging the exterior and decreasing the value of your vehicle. Steel carports are a great option for car storage, and they are ideal for the protection of yard gear and children’s play equipment. We offer carports in a range of sizes and configurations, from small single car designs to large triple carports and beyond.

Our carports include small one car designs, versatile two car carports, and three car carports for multiple vehicles or additional weather protection. Along with the overall size and dimensions of the carport, you can choose from a variety of roofing options according to your needs. We have regular roof carports, A-frame or boxed eve carports, and vertical roof carports in multiple sizes and configurations.

Multiple Metal Building Products

At, our metal buildings are perfect for a diverse range of applications. Along with carports, we specialize in metal storage sheds and other buildings for customers who need complete security and weather protection. Our pre-fabricated steel structures come in all shapes and sizes, including secure lockable garages, steel barns and agricultural buildings, and durable RV and caravan covers. If you need something unique for your home or business, we offer custom designs with innovative roofing structures and multiple design options.

Impressive Customization Options

We specialize in custom metal buildings, with our design and manufacturing team able to give you exactly what you need. There are many ways to change our stock designs, from the overall size and dimensions of the product to the type of roofing structure and door mechanisms. Our products are available up to 60 feet in width, with length easy to add in 5-foot increments. Roof height is also adjustable to meet your needs. We also have two frame sizes available: standard 14 gauge frames and 12 gauge frames for additional thickness and strength.

Customer Service And Industry Experience

At, we specialize in high-quality pre-fabricated steel buildings and diverse customization options. Our business operates throughout Louisiana and across the United States, from north to south and east coast to west. We have been in business for decades, and our products and installation service are backed by integrity in design and excellence in manufacturing.

We offer simple and accessible financing options, free quotes, and a 100% free delivery and installation service anywhere in Louisiana. We provide an industry-leading warranty for all products and services, including a 20-year warranty on all materials and a 90-day warranty on all workmanship.

At, we are happy to support people and businesses across the great state of Louisiana. For metal carports in Lake Charles, LA, please make an order or contact our team today.