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A-Frame / Boxed Eve Metal Carports

Why are A-Frame Metal Carports So Popular?

A-frame metal carports, also known as boxed eave carports, feature a boxed eave style carport roof design with protruding eaves on either side of the roof. The center gable runs down the length of the structure, but it’s still covered with a single panel rather than trim pieces required in other roof styles. The a-frame metal carport is so popular for several reasons:

  • Paneling Options. A-frame metal carports can be built with horizontal panels, vertical roof panels, and side panels, making customization simple and easy.
  • Leak Prevention. A-frame metal carport roofs do not have seams and the vertical style leads to natural run-off of water and snow.
  • A-frame carports work with gables easily, adding additional structural support as well as aesthetic appeal for business and residential use.
  • Sturdy Construction – Steel frame carports are built to withstand wind and harsher climates.

Benefits of A-Frame Metal Carports

A-frame metal carports are considered an upgrade for a number of reasons. Some of the specific advantages offered by this kind of carport roof include:

Storage Options

Storage Options

A-Frame Combo Units

A-Frame Combo Units are one of our best sellers, providing the best of both worlds. The carport provides a covered work area, while the attached storage unit provides security for tools and equipment.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Slope Roof Encourages Runoff

Steel structures offer wind resistance, snow load capacity, and the a-frame design allows for water and debris to run off without any assistance.

Quick Install

Quick Install

Delivery Available within 1-4 Weeks

Delivery can take place as soon as you need it in most cases. Be sure to file the proper permits for installation, and your a-frame metal carport can become a reality in as little as 30 days.

Choosing A-Frame Metal Carports

What Size Options are Available?

Some of the specific advantages offered by this kind of carport roof include:

  • Extra internal bracketing and supports to reinforce the roof and prevent both collapse and lifting from high winds
  • 6 inches or more of eave overhang directs water away from your carport and prevents drainage and flooding issues
  • One or more walls are standard with most A-frame metal carports to block wind and shield your belongings from view
  • It’s easy to add walls under the eaves without extra work, either during initial design or for future upgrades to the carport
  • The horizontal paneling style used for regular roofing is still used for A-frame metal carports, saving money by making the most efficient use of roofing materials
  • Maintenance requirements are low, as with all types of metal carports
  • The boxed eave design with partial upper walls blocks high wind flow while allowing for good ventilation

Can You Really Use an A-Frame Steel Carport as a Garage?

With a little design consideration at the beginning of the process, you can make any of our A-frame metal carports into a structure that could replace a far more costly and time consuming garage. Add four walls, a bay door, and some security features and you’ve got the same enclosed space for storing boxes and tools aside from parking your car under a roof. You’ll have a dry, clean, and level space for working on your car and storing tools and spare parts between repairs. Compare the costs of installing one of our A-frame steel carports with a complete garage before deciding between the two.


Features of A-Frame Metal Carports

Steel frame carports are twice as strong as standard aluminum, and the a-frame design offers enhanced structural support. While steel offers greater resistance to damage from weathering and corrosion, the boxed eve / a-frame slope design prevents debris and precipitation from accumulating on the roof. Steel also won’t turn chalky and worn looking as the years pass, which can be a problem with standard wood and asphalt roof structures.

What is the difference between an a-frame carport and a vertical-roof carport?

A-frame roofs are both durable and attractive, but they don’t cost as much as top-of-the line vertical roof metal carports.

How much does an a-frame carport cost?

The cost of an a-frame carport varies based on size, gauge of galvanized steel, and other customizations. Carport sizes for sale in our inventory include single, double and triple-wide. Use our metal carport prices chart or use our Built It Online tool to get a custom price and save your design:

Build Your Own Carport

What happens next after I purchase my carport?

It can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to arrange for the installation of your carport, depending on your location and permit process in your area. After purchase, the manufacturer will communicate with you to see if the install site has been prepped and is ready. Once the site is ready, they will share the estimated install time frame with you.

Do I need to prepare the site where my carport will be installed?

Yes. The installation site must flat & leveled. Depending on where you live, a building permit may be required. Use our Selecting the Best Location for Your Metal Building article as a guide.

What is a Certified Metal Carport?

Certified Metal Buildings are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions like heavy snow fall and high winds. Certification often implies a heavier gauge of steel and is available for an additional cost when specified during purchase.


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Every product line has a mid-range option, and A-frame metal carports are a great example of this concept. Also known as boxed eve carports, the roof style is durable and attractive, offering more benefits than basic regular roofs at a more affordable price than top-of-the-line vertical roofing.

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