Single Car Carport

If you’re a busy single professional or the head of a small family, you likely only need a single-wide metal carport. Single-wide carports offer plenty of space for parking a vehicle while also keeping some holiday decorations and automotive supplies stored away out of sight. Whether you prefer a simple open design or a completely enclosed building that’s just as good as a garage, you have plenty of options. Choose the right single car carport with these tips, or considering upgrading to a two or three-car design if you expect your storage needs to grow soon.

Enclosed vs Open Single Carports

Many people assume all single car carports are open and breezy, but they’re just as likely to feature end walls and sides to completely enclose them. Open carports are slightly less expensive and a little faster to install. However, there are many more benefits to choosing an enclosed design, including:

  • Greater protection against wind, sideways flowing rain, and flooding
  • More security options like smart locks, cameras, and alarms on the doors and windows
  • Options for heating the space in the winter to prevent damage to your vehicle or stored items from extreme cold
  • A visual barrier that keeps potential thieves from spotting your vehicle or valuable lawn mower
  • Less loss of heating or cooling if the carport is attached to your home thanks to the insulating value of an enclosed air mass
  • Hanging storage options on the inside of the walls
  • Plenty of door, window, and ventilation options to keep the space comfortable.

Designing Your Own Single Metal Carport

There are plenty of finished single-wide metal carport designs to choose from, but you’re also free to design your own structure from scratch. Start by considering whether you prefer lean-to, attached, or freestanding designs. Lean-to carports only feature a single slope to the roof that attaches to the home’s existing roof, while attached designs have their own ridge and gable but also connect to the house in some way. Freestanding carports are the most flexible but generally require a concrete foundation to keep them stable and strongly anchored to the ground in a storm. Next, consider the size you need, the roof style you prefer, and any necessary features like lighting or space for a woodworking bench. Finally, settle on your color choice and check for additional safety features like wind resistance that might be required by your country or state.

Choosing a Roof Style

Unless you want a lean-to carport with just a single roof slope, you’ll need to choose one of the standard roof styles available for a single car metal carport. Standard roofs feature curved edges at the gables and metal panels that run the length of the structure. A-frame or boxed eave style roofs are a little more stylish because they feature the same gable edges you’ll find on a home. These roofs can either feature a horizontal or vertical layout of the roof panels, therefore further changing the overall look of the carport. Check out examples of all three styles to decide which one is right for you.

Measuring Your Vehicle

Measure the largest vehicle you plan to park in the carport rather than just using standard single-carport dimensions to make your order. If you go with the 12 by 20 foot standard size but have a truck that is 19 feet long, you’re going to have a very tight fit in an enclosed carport. Wondering how wide is a metal carport? Keep in mind that a vehicle’s width needs about three to four feet added to each side to accommodate car doors as they open. That’s why 12 feet is the standard minimum width when compact cars are often as narrow as 6 feet across. With accurate width and length measurements, you can order a carport that is more than big enough to fit any single vehicle.

What Extra Features Are Worth Adding to a Single Car Carport?

Windows are a great choice for an enclosed 1-car carport to help increase the ventilation. Open carports do offer superior ventilation, but all that air movement makes it impossible to heat the space in the winter. Extra doors that allow you to access the structure without opening the large bay door is another good option. Don’t forget about wiring and even plumbing if you plan to use the carport as a workshop too.

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