3 Uses for 60ft Wide Metal Buildings You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Wide metal buildings are typically used for projects like detached garages, carports, RV covers, and the like. But these versatile structures can be custom-built for so many more uses.

Beyond the popular choices, what are metal buildings used for? Read on to learn about 3 unique uses for these durable, safe, and sturdy structures. Perhaps they can inspire your own creative construction project.

1. At-Home Brewery

Making your own beer could be a fun and exciting hobby for the beer lovers out there. For some people, it has even turned into a full-fledged career.

Homebrewing became legal again in 1978 in the U.S. after being outlawed in 1919 due to Prohibition. Over the past 40-something years, this has led to immense interest and growth in the hobby. In 2017 alone, homebrewers produced approximately 1.4 million barrels of beer.

For reference, 1 barrel of beer equals about 330 12 oz. beers. With 1.4 million barrels, that amounts to a whole lot of home-brewed beer!

With all this interest and all the required equipment, this raises an important question. Where’s the best place to operate your own home brewery?

A wide metal building provides a practical, durable solution to this problem. You can keep all your equipment safely stored and well-organized – and away from your home’s kitchen or basement. This is especially helpful as both the brewing and fermentation process can produce some smells that the rest of a homebrewer’s family may not necessarily enjoy!

2. Studio for Art or Music

The attached garage art or music studio is a great idea in theory. But it misses a few important points. Where do you park your car? And what about all that noise from band practice?

Wide metal buildings and garages can be built separately from your home to create a private, removed location for your studio. You can store art supplies separate from your living space to keep your home clean (and to have a distinct place for creative expression). If noise from your garage band is a problem, a metal building music studio provides an excellent solution to keep rocking without annoying the family.

3. Tiny Homes

The tiny home revolution has continued to gain momentum over the past few years. As the pandemic continued, more people began to express interest in owning a tiny home. For some, tiny homes reflect a way to easily own a house as prices continue to surge. Others are interested in buying and building these homes as investment property opportunities.

Metal buildings offer a great launch point to any custom tiny home project. Some first-time owners ask several questions related to the construction:

  • Are metal buildings durable for tiny home projects?
  • Are metal buildings safe to use for living?

The good news is that metal buildings provide a stable, safe, and sturdy solution for your tiny home project. Sizes from 30ft. to 60ft. wide metal buildings can create a lovely, functional tiny home. Other widths may also work depending on the exact specifications you may design.

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Hopefully, this list of project ideas has inspired your own new build. If you're considering a new space, it can sometimes seem overwhelming with all the available construction options.

Wide metal buildings offer a sturdy, safe, long-lasting structure for any type of build. You can customize your design to get something you’re absolutely thrilled about.

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