Top 8 Ways a Metal Carport Can Help You

Are you thinking about getting a metal carport for your home or office location? Metal carports offer more than just shelter for vehicles. In fact, you can use a carport made of galvanized steel for everything from saving money to adding an outdoor living space to your property. Check out these ways you will get more out of your new metal carport.

Increase Your Property Value

First and foremost, the addition of a new steel carport on your property will increase its value. After all, you are adding on to your existing dwelling or building. In addition to increasing the financial worth of the property, you also stand to gain more attention from prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell. Having a metal carport adds to the use of a property in ways besides just protecting a car. This brings us to the rest of the ways you can benefit from having a metal carport.

Four Season Protection

To start with, a carport offers shade for autos from the hot summer sun. More importantly, a metal carport protects the interior and exterior from fading in the sunlight, which can add to the value of an automobile. Then you have the hail and strong winds of spring that toss tree branches around like twigs. Want to protect your car from getting smashed? Get a carport.

By fall, dead leaves create piles of moldy debris that gets lodged under car hoods and piled up in the backs of trucks. That mess is followed by heavy snow and ice for states that have true four seasons, such as Indiana and Missouri. Avoid having to scrape ice from your windshield and shovel snow out from around your vehicle each day by getting a metal carport.

Extra Outdoor Room

Whether you are having a barbecue or throwing a birthday party, the last thing you want is to have it rain on your proverbial parade. Besides the rain, having an outdoor party spoiled by overheated guests is no fun. If you want to have a convenient, impromptu pavilion for your outdoor entertainment, opt for metal carports.

In addition to being sturdy, a custom metal building can be designed to properly match the exterior of your house. This creates a seamless feel between the indoors and outdoors, which encourages a successful flow of foot traffic at your gatherings.

Covered Deck or Patio

Along the same lines as a sheltered party space, you can easily use a metal carport as a canopy for a deck or patio. This roofing provides more than just shade. Let’s say you have a hot tub that you like to use regularly.

Rather than covering the hot tub with the heavy lid after each use, you can rest assured your tub is protected by the use of a carport canopy. Same goes for decks outfitted with grills, tables, and outdoor kitchens—you get protection against the elements without sacrificing the open air feeling.

Storing Landscaping Equipment

Whether you are an avid gardener or just have to mow the lawn once a week, you need a place to store your belongings. Stuffy sheds are too dark and cramped for the likes of most homeowners. This is where a metal carport rules.

Envision riding your lawnmower under a carport where it is allowed to cool off safely while being protected from sun and rain. Consider the addition of side panels to create a single wall where you can mount pegboards and shelving for garden implements.

DIY Greenhouse

Speaking of avid gardeners whether you plant a small patch of veggies each spring, or you have several acres of commercial crops, you could stand to have your own greenhouse. Start with the use of a metal carport for the bones of the greenhouse. Using simple plans you can find in gardening books or online, add material to the open sides and install tables or shelving.

Voila! You have a DIY greenhouse with ample space that doesn’t cost a fortune. Then if you ever decide to quit growing in the greenhouse, remove the add-ons and utilize the metal carport for any of the other purposes noted in this article.

Animal Shelter

If you have pets, then you take their health and wellness into consideration on a regular basis. How do they handle the summer heat especially in the southern states of Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana? Outdoor pets need to have a place to go to shelter from the sun, and the shade of a metal carport offers a shaded respite.

For farmers and owners of livestock, a metal carport can be used as a metal barn when erected near a pen to provide much-needed shade. This is an economical option to building a barn, both in terms of financial savings and the time it takes to raise a metal carport.  

Carports are also effective in utilizing the existing landscaping for a floor. You aren’t going to have to lay a concrete pad, like you would with a building, in order to install a carport.

Protect Your Toys

As an adult, you most likely have accumulated your fair share of adult toys. Cars, trucks, tractors, RVs, four-wheelers, name it. While the primary purpose of a metal carport is to protect a car, there is no limit to the kinds of vehicles and operational toys you can store in a carport. Keep your mind open, and if you have something that needs open storage, consider the carport as your go-to solution.

Learn more about the ways you can benefit from custom metal carports for your home or commercial property. We can help you find the perfect metal carport to meet your needs.