Declutter Your Home with a Metal Carport or Building

Are you struggling with clutter? You’re not alone, studies estimate that one in four Americans have a “clutter problem.” While minimalist bloggers suggest dropping everything off at a local donation shop or turning your clutter into an ebay marketplace, those options aren’t realistic for everyone. What if you could just box up your clutter, move it to a safe, secure space right next to your home, and sort through it when life gets a little less hectic? Adding storage space to your home is a lot more straightforward and affordable than you think, and it can add value when you sell your home.

Declutter with a Metal Carport or Building

This is the best option if you lack the space or budget to add a room to your existing home or you lack the time to reorganize everything into neat and tidy IKEA storage solutions. It’s also an ideal solution when speed is a factor - most prefab metal building can be delivered in one - four weeks, depending on your location. If you absolutely need additional storage space in your home but lack the time or energy to sort and organize, pre-engineered prefab buildings are definitely the way to go. Prefabricated buildings and carports, especially metal structures, can be installed quickly and with maximum efficiency. Even if the inside isn’t completely finished, you can still use the building for storage as you complete the interior touches. image1 1

Other DeClutter Options

If you’re not sure about adding a metal carport building to your property for storage, look at the other options and consider them for the long run:

Storage Containers

While these are easy to buy and use, they will still crowd your hallways, unused rooms, and closets. You can start with these as a temporary solution, but eventually, they’ll become just as invasive as the unorganized clutter.

Storage Furniture

Storage furniture has come a long way in both design and availability. Companies like Home Depot, Wayfair, and Target offer decor-friendly storage ottomans, cabinets, sectionals, and more. If you are considering storage furniture as an option, make sure the money that you will invest will help you manage ALL of your clutter. Spending thousands of dollars on storage furniture will only be worth it if it solves your clutter problem.

Patio Enclosure

If you have a large patio or covered porch, you might be able to convert it into storage space. If you’re considering this option, compare the contractor quotes against the delivery and install of a metal building. You may find that the cost is the same but you’re eliminating your outdoor living space instead of adding storage.

Investing in a Prefabricated Building for Clutter Control

A prefab metal carport or building is just that - an investment. Galvanized steel buildings come with a workmanship guarantee, free installation and delivery, and financing is available. Once the building is placed on your lot, it’s yours to use however you wish. In addition to storage, you can use it as a workshop, to store lawn equipment, or as a garden shed. You can hook electric and other utilities up to your metal building, too. While decluttering is rarely a “one and done” process, a metal carport or building will help you get on the fast-track to a clutter-free home. Pricing is more affordable than you think and our customer service team is available to help you choose the right metal building option.