Large Storage Buildings vs Garage

If you’re considering a large storage building, it’s important to know that building product innovations are bringing the cost of pre-fab and metal garages down.

Metal garages can serve as both a large storage building and a garage without the higher price tag.

Garage Benefits

Ceiling Height

For many, the garage option comes into consideration for extra ceiling height. Most storage buildings max out at 12’ in ceiling height, while large pre-fab garage options can go up to 13’ high (or higher with custom options). If your project requires a higher than average ceiling, be sure to check the size of the door. A vertical roof garage offers 12’ door options, while most other large storage buildings and prefab garages come standard with 8’ doors.

Custom Interior

Many people choose a garage over a storage building to customize the interior with electric, insulation, windows, and paneling. If you’re considering one of these buildings for a home-based business or hobby building, metal garages offer more custom options than just a storage building.


No matter what the future holds, a garage always ensures that almost anything will fit - a lawnmower, a car, a 4-wheeler, or large equipment. Not all large storage buildings offer access for large equipment; be sure to check the dimensions of all access points before making a final decision.

Large Storage Building Benefits


While many cities, towns, and counties require permits for garages, requirements for the installation of a large storage building may not require an intense design review process. Check with your local zoning office and ask about differences in the permit cost and process for garages vs. storage buildings.

Custom Options

When it comes to large metal building storage, the options are endless. If your local big box stores don’t offer the right size or style of building, use an online building design tool to explore all of the custom options available. 

Other Options

If the garage appeals to you for added workspace but you don’t need the storage space of a large building, consider a pre-fab combo unit. This type of building offers the best of both worlds - storage plus a cover for outdoor projects. 

If you need a lot of space with options for more storage, consider a customizable farm building. Even if you don’t have farm equipment or animals, a farm building may meet your storage requirements now and in the future.

Before you move forward with your final decision for storage space,  consider these additional factors:

  • Resale Value. Which building type will bring your property in line with homes in your area?
  • Future Use. What does the future hold for your storage space?
  • Size and Equipment Protection. Which building type will provide more protection for your equipment? (i.e. will it all fit?)

Large metal storage buildings and garages give homeowners many affordable options for storing and protecting possessions and equipment. Whether you’re looking for a workshop, storage for surplus inventory for your business, or storage for your farm or lawn equipment, you can trust that metal buildings will withstand weather and season challenges. 

Use our design tool to create a custom design for a metal storage building and get pricing in your area:

Custom Build Tool