RV Metal Building Versus RV Storage Rental

RV rooftops are susceptible to the elements because of their flat design. Rain, snow, and UV rays can threaten the longevity of your RV or depreciate the value due to deterioration and damage. For these reasons, it’s important for. RV owners to consider all of the options available for storing an RV. While offsite facilities are appealing, not all of them provide covers in their storage areas.

RV Storage Rental

If you live in an apartment, condo ,townhome, or a planned community with a strict HOA, the best choice will always be an off site RV storage rental. If you must go this route, be sure to ask about all of the following options:

  • Security. How will they protect your RV from theft and vandalism?
  • Shelter. Do they have RV covers available?
  • Access. How can you access your RV when you need it?
  • Insurance. What type of insurance does the facility provide in case of damage?

Metal RV Building

If you do have the space for it, investing in an RV metal building may offer a better long-term solution. A metal building will add value to your property, and not only for RV storage. You may consider a combo building to use it as a workspace or additional storage area. A metal RV building can provide more than protection for your RV; advancements in the prefab metal building industry have come a long way. 

Custom or Prefab

When choosing a metal building for your RV, you have a few options. You may want a custom metal building based on the size of your RV or particular plans for use. Or you may go with the less expensive and more convenient option of a prefab metal building. Prefab metal buildings can be as simple as an RV carport, or more substantial such as a metal garage or metal barn, and can be installed and ready for use much quicker than a traditional construction. And whether you choose custom or prefab, you may add custom features such as heating and cooling, electric, or plumbing to turn the building into a welcome addition to your property..

While the initial costs of a metal building may be higher than short-term storage rental, financing and rent-to-own options are available. Metal building designs have come a long way; use our 3D Builder to select custom colors, options, and sizes:

Custom Build Tool