6 Tips for Turning a Metal Building into Your Mancave

Man caves are all the rage as a way for men to dedicate space to their hobbies and interests. Rather than being regulated to a dark basement or cramped guest room, men who enjoy model airplanes, video gaming, or woodworking can build as much space as they need. Metal buildings and carports are ideal for transforming into man caves with minimal extra work. If you've been checking out the selection here at MetalCarports.com and are ready to start designing your dream man cave, use these six tips to make sure you're prepared.

1. Add Insulation

A combination of rigid board and spray foam insulation is the best way to keep a finished man cave comfortable all year round. If you hang drywall and don't properly insulate first, you'll find the space hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than you'll like. Insulation is also essential for controlling moisture and condensation in the metal building turned man cave. Condensation forms when warm and humid air meets a colder surface like the inside of a metal building's walls, and the right insulation will keep the surfaces warm to prevent this reaction.

2. Choose a Theme

Before choosing a size for your future personal space or determining what features it will need, you should start with a general purpose or theme. A shed or building used as a craft workshop or a home's mechanic shop will need different electrical supplies, lighting, flooring, and entry ways than a small backyard bar for friends. Figure out what you'd like to do in the space, even if it's just a rough estimate of future activities, to create a unique space out of any kind of standard metal building design.

3. Install Electricity

Full wiring and a dedicated circuit panel is one of the best upgrades to make a basic building into a luxurious and useful man cave. Regardless of whether you prefer working with hand tools or zapping aliens on the latest gaming consoles, you'll want plenty of lighting and extra outlets. Don't forget to include wiring for air conditioning and heating equipment if you plan to use any since these devices usually require their own dedicated circuits, even for a relatively small window and floor units. This is definitely one part of the project you want to hire a professional to help you with, even if you're experienced enough to handle the rest of the man cave conversion.

4. Consider Plumbing

Running back to the house to wash your hands or use the bathroom can make it hard to stay on task when enjoying your favorite activities in your man cave. For some spaces, this plumbing will serve a bar area for mixing drinks and washing up after guests. A small half bath is a relatively easy and affordable addition to a man cave so you can entertain a crowd without sending them trekking back to a faraway bathroom. You may even want to add a shower if you want to use the space as a guest house or in-law suite.

5. Try Epoxy or Polished Concrete Floors

Most metal buildings and enclosed carports are installed over smooth concrete slabs. These slabs offer the ideal platform for pouring a durable epoxy floor that is a great choice for everything from garages to personal bars. The slightly rubberized texture of the finishing epoxy makes it tough enough to handle home gyms and other heavy-duty uses. For a more decorative option, look into having the concrete polished, staining, or even carved and cut to create attractive patterns mimicking brick and natural stone.

6. Improve the Security

Most man caves store hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of antique cars, hunting equipment, farm implements, or even just collectible baseball cards and computers. Metal buildings start out relatively secure, but the standard doors and garage bays installed on the structures can always use some improvements. Upgrade to solid core or all metal doors and high security garage doors for larger bays. In addition to door reinforcement kits and shatter-proof windows, you can also install sensors and alarms to notify you of any unauthorized intrusions. If your home already has an existing security system, consider tying the man cave into it so you can monitor everything from one convenient source. With these tips, you're ready to find the right metal building for the man cave you'd love to build. Design and build your man cave online: Build Your Own Carport Talk to one of our sales representatives to find out what options you have for customizing the building. If you're on a tight budget, consider an a-frame carport and ask about adding walls and a secure door.