Barn Roof Styles

Barn Roof Styles: Different Designs and Types You Can Choose for Your Barn

The type of building you choose will also determine the roof type of your barn building. Before you look at roofing options, you should decide if a wood vs. metal barn is the best choice for you.  If you’re leaning toward a metal barn, we’ve created this guide to help you ask the right questions as you shop for your ideal barn and style.

Boxed Eave Roofs

Boxed eave barn roofs, aka a-frame barn roofs, tend to be more lightweight in construction and are the most affordable option. 

boxed eave roof metal barn

Boxed eave roofs are named for their distinguishing quality — the boxing effect at the edge of the sloped roof. Essentially, the eaves of the roof are closed off, with a right-angled structure resembling a box covering the uppermost part of the wall and lowest part of the roof. This provides extra protection to the structure, particularly during times of heavy rain and wind, and also offers a neat aesthetic touch to the building.

This type of roof is perfectly adequate for a barn in most climates, particularly in moderate climate zones. You can customize a barn with a boxed eave roof with lean-to sides, storage areas, color, etc. Use our Build and Price tool to get a quote. 

Vertical Barn Roofs

The term "vertical roof" style may be a little confusing at first. After all, the roof still displays the same gently angled slope roof surfaces as other types. The "vertical" aspect is found at each end of the barn, where a vertical triangular end creates the apex of the gable roof. This creates a sturdy structure, with an aesthetic that will be familiar to anyone who has spent time working in the agriculture business. If you’re looking for a metal horse barn, a vertical roof style will offer more strength against high winds and storm protection. 

vertical barn roof
Metal Barn with Vertical Roof Style, 10’ Enclosed Lean-To on each side, 32 x 25 x 12/8

Hat Channels

A hat channel is a galvanized steel component that is used to create a vertical roof orientation. The hat channel also provides more ridgidnes for a stronger structure. Most of our vertical roof styles come standard with an underlayment of 18 gauge hat channel.  

Steel Gauge

Make sure the company offers a sturdy steel gauge for roof panels. All of barn roof panels come standard with 29 gauge steel; most homes in the United States that have metal roofs use 29-gauge panels. Visit for more information of your local wind/ snow needs, chat with our customer service team online or call us. 


The familiar pattern of ridges and troughs has made ridged panels an instantly recognizable sight. What's more, as long as these panels are properly treated and sealed, they are able to stand the test of time. This makes them suitable for areas where the weather can get a little more extreme at certain times of the year. Despite this extra durability, this roof type remains fairly straightforward when it comes to installation. Quality metal building suppliers provide this type of roof panel standard with all buildings. 

Selecting the Right Metal Barn and Roof Style

If you’re researching barn roof types to ensure the longevity and durability of your farm building, be sure to go with a pre-fab farm building vs a pole barn. While pole barns have their place for storage and shelter, the prefab market offers much more quality than pole barn kits. Concerned about the cost? Explore Rent to Own options and financing options.