Horizontal vs. Vertical Roof Styles: Which Should You Choose?

Should your new metal garage have a vertical roof or a horizontal roof? While both styles have their own advantages, your final decision will come down to climate and aesthetics. If it comes down to a decision between the two, always choose durability and strength over design. 

Is a Horizontal or Vertical Roof is Better for A Metal Garage?

If you live in a climate that is subject to high-winds, choosing a metal garage roof style that can withstand high winds and intense storms are critical. If you live in a climate that experiences heavy snowfall, one style will deliver peace of mind over the other. The informational guide below details the pros and cons of each metal roof style.

Metal Garage Roof Styles

Today’s metal buildings have structural advantages and stylish designs that give homeowners and business owners many choices. The most common roof styles for metal garages are horizontal (aka regular roof/standard rolled-corners) and vertical roof garages, which offer roof style options in a-frame / boxed eave.

Regular roof metal garages (aka horizontal roof garages) don’t have a seam at the peak of the roof, preventing leaks when the building reaches the end of its lifespan or if you live in a wet climate.

Vertical roof metal garages will eliminate snow or storm debris faster than their regular roof counterparts. If you are concerned about leaks but prefer a vertical roof, be sure ask about a welded A-frame option. In climates that deliver lots of heavy snow, inquire about welded corners and brackets that give the roof more strength and weight-bearing capacity.

The Pros of a Vertical Roof Metal Garage

In most cases, both roof options will work on a metal garage if the manufacturer delivers quality products. If a vertical roof metal garage seems like the right option for you, you’ll have more aesthetic options than a regular roof metal garage:

  • Deep and full eve side trim
  • Ability to blend in with existing structures, especially in residential areas
  • Available with side entry design

The Pros of Horizontal Roof Metal Garage

A metal garage with a horizontal roof design is usually more affordable and easier to install than a vertical roof design. Less bracing is required for the structure since the roof “roll down” style requires less material.  

regular roof metal garage

Metal Garage Roof Styles 

Horizontal roof styles on metal garages are a winner in milder climates that don’t experience a lot of heavy snow or storms that turn up a lot of leaves and branches from trees.  They’re also good for smaller storage needs such as extra lawn equipment, small workshops, or motorcycle storage. 

Vertical roof designs are more popular in areas with heavy snow, rain, and wind. If you’re trying to match your metal garage with an existing structure, consider the vertical roof design.

If you’re ready to move forward with the purchase and installation of a metal garage but you aren’t sure which style to choose, reach out to us at MetalCarports.com and one of our experienced team members will help you decide. 

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