7 Things to Consider When You Buy a Carport

Metal carports protect your vehicles from the elements and give you extra storage space. You can use these sturdy structures instead of a garage or for vehicles that won't fit inside a garage.

Metal carports are structurally sound, and you do not have to worry about termites, water damage, mold, or other issues that plague wood-frame garages.

You can buy carport kits or hire a pro to build one. Depending on the size and design, the project could cost less than constructing a new garage while providing many of the same benefits. This seems like an excellent investment, and in many instances, it is. However, there are some important things to consider before you buy a carport.

1. What size do you need?

Carports come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You should consider height to ensure your vehicles will fit under the roof with enough clearance to add a roof rack or other feature if needed. A standard sedan will fit in a 6' carport, but most options come with 7' or 8' roofs. Finally, if you need even more clearance, some vertical roof designs are 9' or 10'.

Width is also an important consideration. If you need to house two or more vehicles, you will need a wider option. Metal Carports offers structures that are up to 30' wide. These can accommodate three standard-sized vehicles. 20' or 24' models have enough space for two cars.

Finally, most multi-vehicle carports are 25' to 30' deep. This is a consideration if you have an RV or if you want additional storage for lawn equipment, bicycles, or other things that can benefit from a covered space.

2. Do you have a good location?

Before you buy a carport, you need to ensure you have enough space to put it on your property. Not only that, you need a solid foundation that can hold the structure and support the vehicles that you park under it.

You also need to put the carport in a place with easy vehicle access. If there is no driveway or parking pad, you may need to add these features before you buy carport kits or have a structure installed. 

3. Can you find a quality carport?

Metal carports offer superior protection, durability, and stability. However, not all carports are the same. Of course, every retailer and installer will say that their carports are high-quality. However, you should only work with companies that back up their claims.

How do they do this? Retailers who have confidence in their carports will offer extended warranties. These should last for 15 to 20 years. The best companies will also offer guarantees on the installation of the carport. These will not be as long as the product warranties, but they should last for at least two or three months from the date of installation.

Finally, you should try to buy carport products from a company that has been in business for a decade or longer. Firms that don't provide good service or products won't be able to remain in business for that long.

4. Do you need a permit for a carport?

Laws for building structures on your property are decided at the local level. Cities have different rules about carports, garages, and other external buildings. In many cases, you will need a permit or approval from city or county authorities. You need to check with your municipality to see if there are any requirements. If you hire an installer, they may be able to help with the permitting process.

You should find out if you need any type of approval and then factor the fees into the overall cost of the project.

5. Can a carport increase the value of my property?

Most homebuyers will consider a garage or carport a necessary feature. If your home lacks a place to store a vehicle, a carport is a cheaper solution than building a new garage. Homes without dedicated parking spaces typically sell for less than comparable properties that have a place to keep a vehicle.

6. Can a carport save you money?

A carport can save you money in several different ways. First, most auto insurance companies will reduce your premium if you have off-street covered parking for your vehicles. You may be able to cover most of the cost of carport installation by saving money on your monthly insurance bills.

A carport can protect your vehicle from precipitation, storms, direct sunlight, and falling branches, reducing the need for repairs (especially repairs that don't reach your insurance deductible).

7. Do you need a metal carport?

Metal carports come with significant advantages, especially when you consider the alternatives. If the metal is properly sealed and treated, it is virtually maintenance-free.

Also, metal does not have the same issues as wood. It does not decay, and it cannot be ruined by an insect infestation. Also, metal has a much lower risk of fire damage compared to wood.

Also, because metal structures are stronger and have fewer pieces, there is less risk of leaks, cracks, and structural flaws.

You need to ensure you work with a company that guarantees installation and offers quality products that will resist rust.

How to buy a carport

If you think a carport is the best option for your needs, you need to find a reliable partner to help you with the project. Metal Carports sells, delivers, and installs both prefabricated and customized structures. Our dedicated staff has more than 20 years of experience, and when you buy a carport, you get warranties on the installation and the structure.

If you want time-tested quality and guarantees that provide peace of mind, contact us for a carport estimate today.