Is a Metal Carport Right for You?

A metal carport can be a great idea, keeping your car safe from harm and adding protected space to your property. However, you still need to consider whether this addition to your property is right for you. A metal carport is an investment, and you will need to ensure that it is the right choice for your home.

Read on to learn more about metal carports, and gain the insight you need to make the right choice.

6 Advantages of a Metal Carport — And 6 Things to Consider

To help you weigh your options, we have compiled six key advantages of a metal carport. At the same time, we have provided six things to bear in mind, providing you with a balanced view that you can use to inform your decision.

Fire Resistance

Metal carports are great for resisting fire and associated damage. Metal can withstand temperatures far greater than a wood structure can. It is also very difficult to ignite metal, whereas wood materials ignite relatively easily, potentially putting your home at risk.

What to Consider

Metal is not impervious to fire. You still need to adopt sound fire safety practices when using your carport.

Resilience in the Face of Heavy Weather

Heavy rains and high winds can cause damage to your car. With this in mind, you need a way to shelter your vehicle even when the weather gets rough. Provided you choose a carport with the proper rating, the structure should give this protection even in periods of severe weather, offering peace of mind to car owners during heavy storms.

What to Consider

Metal carports can be robust, but they still have vulnerabilities. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can still damage or even destroy a metal carport.

Heavy-Duty Protection with More Robust Models

You certainly want to keep your car safe and protected from anything that might come its way. This is why some car owners may be reluctant to place their autos in a structure they don't trust. Provided you purchase a robust and rated model to withstand high levels of weight and impact, a carport is not bad for your car and should protect it.

What to Consider

A lighter metal structure may be bad for your car. For example, snow buildup over the winter can add significant stress and strain to the structure. If the port is not rated to bear this weight, it could collapse and damage your vehicle. Ensure your carport is rated for weight-bearing, particularly if you live in an area where heavy snowfalls are a concern.

Adding Value to the Property

A carport is an improvement to your property, adding an extra space to store your vehicle as well as a shelter from the elements. As such, you can expect the project to add value to your property.

Even if you already have a garage, a carport can provide extra flexibility for your property. It can also provide extra room to store other vehicles or other assets that need protection. This means that metal carports are generally a good investment for you and your property. 

What to Consider

Different home buyers may be looking for different things in a property, so not everyone will agree that a metal carport makes a property more valuable.

Long-Lasting Solutions

A metal carport should last for 20 or 30 years with the proper care and attention. As long as you carry out the correct maintenance, inspection, and weatherproofing regularly — and provided that there are no collisions or other accidents that damage the structure of the port — you should be able to enjoy decades of protection from the metal solution.

Metal carports can rust, so the maintenance and weatherproofing mentioned above are essential. Protect your carport by filling in any scratches in paintwork or protective coating. Also, treat the surface to prevent moisture from seeping in and reacting with the metal. This is a particular concern if you live by the coast — saltwater from the sea is more corrosive than rainwater. Areas with heavy pollution may also experience accelerated rusting on exposed metal. Steel carports may be a worthwhile investment. This material is more resistant to rusting and corrosion than other types of metal. 

What to Consider

You will still need to protect and weatherproof the structure regardless of your climate and the material you use for your port.

A Range of Choices for Installation

A metal carport can be installed quickly and efficiently at your property. The project should take between 2 and 4 hours for a single carport or between 6 and 8 hours for larger models. You will be able to install your carport almost anywhere on your property, provided the ground is flat and stable, and the structure is properly anchored to the ground.

What to Consider

If the ground at your property is uneven or sloping, you will need to prepare the space beforehand. You may also need to check that the ground is stable enough to sustain the structure.

Making Your Choice

A metal carport is certainly an investment in time and money, but you will need to prepare carefully, so you find the right product for your needs. Make sure the model you choose is robust enough to protect your vehicle against snowfall or other heavy weather. Look for anchors and treatments to stabilize and preserve your carport. And remember that the site should be properly leveled ahead of installation. Our team here at Metal Carports is happy you help you make the best decision for your needs, so please contact us with any questions and receive a quote.