How to Keep Your Metal Garage Secure

Are you worried about protecting your outdoor equipment? If so, it may be time to upgrade your metal garage for increased security. Here’s how to go about securing your outdoor belongings for more peace of mind.

Light It Up

One of the advantages of daylight is spotting an intruder from a mile away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much to protect your valuables at dawn or dusk. Using light as a deterrent is a smart, effective safety strategy when applied correctly. Just install motion-detected sensors to monitor the uninvited and keep criminals at bay.

Another bonus of strong lighting is catching everything on camera. You can’t always be at the right place at the right time, though good lighting with an alarm system helps fill that void. In case of suspicious activity in or around your garage, you’ll feel better knowing everything is well lit and recorded for future reference.

Add an Alarm

Thieves are often more deterred by alarms than lighting alone, so consider investing in an alarm system. Depending on your budget and security needs, there are many models to choose from. In an age when theft is all too common, installing an alarm system is both smart and proactive for metal garage security.

Technology often changes, and so do home security systems. Fortunately for you, our representatives are happy to walk you through a few of our most popular models. Protecting your property is a tale as old as time. Don’t let a new device keep you from securing your space.

Protect Entry Points

Remember that criminals can be creative, and their only goal is goods. Just because you’re used to entering your garage through a door or garage door doesn’t mean that’s how they think. Every opening in your garage from a backdoor to a side window is a potential entry point and area of weakness.

The most obvious security measure is adding locks and padlocks to your windows and doors. However, remember that thieves may also attempt to break down windows or doors to get in, which locks won’t always protect. Consider installing security bars to your doors or windows as an added layer of protection.

Clean It Up

Protecting your garage and its contents is certainly serious business. While landscaping might be the furthest thing from your mind, aesthetics send a clear message to potential intruders. That’s because untrimmed hedges or overgrown grass imply negligence and an easier target. Keep your property in the clear by staying on top of appearances.

Another way to incorporate landscaping is by adding a timed sprinkler system. After all, there’s nothing like an element of surprise to prevent a burglary from running smoothly. Of course, it’s unlikely water alone will prevent the theft of your property, although layered safety strategies can work to your advantage.

Brace Your Door

Garage doors are built for convenience rather than safety, so you may need to take some extra precautions. The doors themselves are relatively thin and easy to cut. What’s more, they’re fairly simple to pry open for an alternative way in. That’s why protecting your belongings may as well start with the largest point of entry.

There are two main ways to protect your garage door from burglaries. First, start by reinforcing the door interior with solid paneling and metal framing for strength and stability. Next, add locks to both sides of the door as extra barriers since intruders are unlikely to penetrate triple reinforcement.

Pay Close Attention

Regular maintenance may sound off-topic. However, criminals know to scan for weakness. Something as minor as a cracked window or faulty door might be all the wiggle room they need to break in. In addition, staying on top of your property and its maintenance makes your property more intimidating to the criminal mind.

Another way to keep your garage secure is by staying on top of daily habits. For example, according to ADT, 23% of household burglars enter through an open window. In other words, something as simple as leaving a window open or forgetting to lock the door may put your garage and its contents at risk.

Keep It Private

Keeping your home, garage, and equipment safe involves physical security and savvy conduct. That’s because things like social media give people a window into our lives, including our vacation plans. Even when posting to trusted friends and family, know that the internet is less than safe. Keep your cards close to your chest and post photos or announcements once you’re home.

As obvious as it sounds, keep your passwords, house keys, and other sensitive information on lockdown. We tend to let our guard down in conversation or when seeing familiar faces. However, keeping your family and property safe starts with you. Think twice before sharing your security information in the interest of property protection.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to securing your garage, there’s no shortage of options. Choose a strategy that fits your needs while paying attention to all areas of weakness. Criminals look for easy pickings so let them know you’re not messing around.

Got any other questions related to metal garage security? We’d love to help. Let us know what we can do for you, and best of luck stepping up your security!