Save Money on Storage With a Metal Garage or Shed

If you’re badly in need of additional storage and you have the space for it, opting to build a metal garage or metal shed could be one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make.

Aside from ensuring you save money that would otherwise be spent on paying for pricey storage space, choosing to get a metal shed or garage comes with a range of benefits, including the following:

1. They are low maintenance.

Depending on where you live, it’s generally enough to give your metal garage, shed, or building a thorough wash once a year. You won’t need any special cleaning products other than a household cleaner and water.

While cleaning, check your metal building for dirt, buildup, mildew, or fungal growth. If you find some, just add a small amount of bleach to your cleaner.

2. They are cheaper and cost-effective.

We encounter a common question: "Are metal garages cheaper than wood?”

Metal garages and sheds are generally cheaper than their wooden counterparts. The latter is also more time-consuming to set up and may require more labor. On the other hand, metal buildings are easier and faster to set up, especially if you’re using prefab metal whose main parts are made in a factory.

To give you an idea of the costs you could incur, a mid-size or average-looking wooden detached garage could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. 

3. They are attractive.

While beauty may not be a major criterion in building storage space, it pays to have a metal building that’s a delight to see. Metal is particularly elegant and expressive and is highly recommended if you want to achieve a modern or contemporary feel or enhance your curb appeal.

4. They are eco-friendly.

Steel garages and sheds are made from recyclable material. More importantly, they last for several years, so you can keep using yours for a long time. One thing you might be concerned with is insulation – especially if you’re planning to use a section of your metal building as your workspace. This can be arranged easily by insulating it to make it more comfortable.

5. They are durable and secure.

Metals like steel are extremely hardwearing and can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years or more. Steel is termite-, rot-, and fire-resistant, and its only true enemy is rust, so watch out for any water pooling or condensation in your property.

Metal can withstand weather extremes and protect your possessions from intruders. Get a security or surveillance system for total peace of mind, so you know what’s going on at home, even when you’re out or away.

6. They are customizable.

You have the option to choose the color and size you want when it comes to prefab metal garages, sheds, and buildings. However, if you’re after something unique or perfectly suited to your taste and preferences, you can also opt for a customized structure that fits your requirements.

7. They can add value to a property.

Do metal garages add value to a home? We often hear this question from people who are on the fence about getting a metal shed or garage.

The answer: Yes. The reason for this is that a metal building – be it a garage, shed, or something else – outside of your home increases the usable square footage of your property. Besides, having a ready garage means you won’t have to worry about storing and protecting your car. And with a bit more space, you’ll have the extra storage you need and a workshop or workspace as well.

Start your metal building project

If you’ve been going back and forth with your decision to get a metal garage or shed for your property, we hope that after reading this, you’ll be ready to start your own metal building project.

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