Does a metal building increase home value? The Long Term Value of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are one of many different options for homeowners wanting to build structures on their property. Metal may sound like a strong, durable material, but you may wonder how it compares to other building choices, such as wood, cement, or brick.

Does a metal building increase home value? How do the return on investment and utility of these structures compare to others?

Here is a look at the details of erecting and owning a metal building.

Reasonable upfront costs

The upfront costs of a metal building can vary by size, location, foundation needs, and site preparation requirements. Also, steel prices change depending on market conditions, so costs can change from year to year.

There are several cost-related advantages to metal compared to other materials. First, metal components are prefabricated. This allows builders to work faster once they get to the site, lowering construction costs.

Because of their durability, metal buildings have another cost-related benefit that you might overlook: they are cheaper to insure. This is especially true in areas prone to earthquakes. Metal performs much better than brick and wood in such disasters.

Finally, you can purchase a prefabricated metal building kit and erect the structure yourself. If you have the skills and tools, this option can save money on installation costs. However, if you hire a professional, they will typically guarantee their work for three months after the project is done.

Lower cost of ownership

Metal is extremely durable, and if it is properly treated, buildings will require little to no maintenance. If the installer joins the prefabricated panels together correctly and the metal is rust-proofed, the building should stay in pristine condition without leaks or structural flaws. Properly erected, a metal building will need nothing more than an extra coat of paint once in a while.

If you calculate upfront costs, insurance premiums, and ongoing maintenance, metal buildings are cheaper to buy and own than those made with wood, cement, or bricks.

How does a metal building affect the value of your property?

Does a metal building increase home value? It depends on a variety of factors, including the type of building. A metal garage or carport can make a home more attractive to buyers, especially if the house did not previously have a garage or had one in poor condition. Buyers may automatically eliminate homes that do not have a garage.

Why a metal garage? In addition to the lower costs, a metal garage will hold its value better because it will not suffer from cracks, insect infestations, or leaks that plague wood-frame or masonry buildings.

Other metal buildings may or may not add value to a property. Commercial or mixed-use properties, such as family farms, typically require storage. Well-made metal storage buildings can add value to the property in these specific cases.

Metal buildings are long-lasting

A good prefabricated metal building will come with a 20-year warranty. However, a well-made building will last much longer than that. A steel frame will stay standing for more than a century, while a metal roof will outlast most other materials with a lifespan of 40 to 80 years. 

Because metal is not prone to leaks, moisture buildup, insect infestations, or cracks, you can enjoy this longevity without performing any special maintenance. 

Metal buildings are customizable and flexible

Metal buildings are easy to expand. Because of their prefabricated, modular design, adding to or connecting other structures to a metal building is possible. The design also makes it possible to move metal buildings from one place to another.

These features can help upgrade or place buildings in a way that can increase the value of the property. For example, expanding the garage to accommodate a second car or moving a pavilion so that it can serve as a carport can help improve your property in the eyes of potential buyers.

Metal buildings have open designs. This makes them ideal for equipment and vehicle storage. However, you use the building for other purposes. It can serve as a home gym, workshop, studio, or play area. Why is this flexibility important? A garage is an essential element of a home, but you do not count it as square footage when measuring a home. However, if you convert the building into a living area that has another purpose besides storage, you may be able to include it when calculating the size of your home.

Sustainability and efficiency

Metal buildings are attractive for property owners and buyers who like eco-friendly features. Many metal buildings are made out of steel, which is highly recyclable. It is possible to melt and reuse this metal again and again without any decrease in strength or durability. Also, steel does not release toxins into the air during the refining process.

In addition to these green traits, steel buildings are also quite efficient. Because they have prefabricated parts, there are fewer gaps in metal buildings. This makes them easier to insulate. If you have a climate control system, you will be able to cool or heat the space efficiently with a minimal amount of air leaking to the outside.

How to invest in a metal building

If you want to enjoy the usefulness, durability, and return on investment of a metal building, the first step is to find a company that offers a variety of customizable structures and reliable installation services. At Metal Carports, we have two decades of experience in the industry, and our buildings come with extensive 20-year warranties on the building and industry-standard 90-day guarantees on the installation work.

If you are looking for a trustworthy expert, contact Metal Carports today to get an estimate for a prefabricated or customized metal building.