How Tall Does an RV Carport Need to Be?

Over 10.5 million Americans own an RV, and some people use it as a vacation home. Usually, they travel in the summertime and then tuck it away in winter, or they travel to warmer climates and look for RV parks that offer year-round accommodations. If this describes you, you need a quality cover for your RV while it’s parked for extended periods of time. The flat roof design makes it susceptible to leaks and damage, as rain and snow quickly find their way into seams and damaged flashing. The sun wears the caulk down that was designed to keep water and moisture away from the seams. Even if your RV is brand new, the roof has already started deteriorating, and the only way to slow it down is to protect it from the elements when you’re not on the open road. The simplest way to protect your roof is to buy a cover for your RV. While the waterproof anti-UV fabric covers on Amazon will work for a while, they’re not a long-term solution. They cost a few hundred dollars upfront and they may only last one season. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for storage at home or an RV Park that offers covers, look for metal RV covers, an RV carport designed with your rig in mind. Choosing the right RV carport can be overwhelming; use this checklist to help you find the right solution.

The Size of Your RV

image1 One of the first things to consider when choosing a metal RV carport is the size of your RV. If you’re staying at a campground that offers covers, call them to get measurements and make sure your RV will fit. If your RV has slide-outs, you may need to include these measurements as well. This guarantees your RV remains protected when the slides are open. If you’re purchasing a metal RV cover for your property, you can customize the size based on your needs. In most cases, you’ll need pricing for a vertical roof carport. While a boxed eave style may work with your existing home or garage, be sure to check for obstructions in height due to the eaves.

What’s Standard?


Most RV owners are well-aware that knowing the exact height of your vehicle is essential for clearing bridges and tunnels when traveling. Standard Class A RV's and Class C motorhomes have an average height of 10 feet. Class B motorhomes are usually 7-9 feet tall. Our metal RV covers start with a minimum of 12 feet in height, giving every type of motorhome plenty of clearance. While height clearance is important, if your RV can't clear the sides, it won't matter how high the roof is on the inside. Be sure to consider width and length when measuring for an RV cover. Always ask about custom options vs. pre-fab - you can save money with the latter as long as your rig will fit.


Most standard RV carports are 12 feet in width. RVs with slideouts might require 18 feet in width. Take into consideration the time you spend prepping, cleaning, and performing maintenance on your RV. If you spend a lot of time outside or plan to load and unload it while it’s covered, make sure you give yourself some extra wiggle room for width. The wider and longer the carport is, the more protected cover and working space you'll have.


The length of most metal carports start at 21 feet and increase in 5-feet increments. If you plan to only store your RV in this space, the actual measurements of your vehicle should suffice. If you have additional storage needs for bikes, canopies, and tools, invest in a slightly larger RV metal carport to make room for extras that you use while camping.   [display_product_list ids="5891,5486,5436"]  

Installation Space and Certifications

You’ll definitely need a large, flat area and it should offer easy access for pulling your RV in and out. Most people build their RV carport in the side yard or right next to the garage or driveway. Keep these tips in mind when selecting the space for your RV Carport:
  • Consider local ordinances, building codes, and permit requirements. If you put a metal RV carport without the right paperwork, the city, county, or community HOA can penalize you for installing your cover.
  • Place the metal RV carport away from high trees or heavily-wooded areas.
  • Insurance: Check with your homeowner’s insurance rep and ask about coverage for your metal RV cover. While steel metal RV carports are built to withstand wind damage, it’s better to be insured with replacement coverage, especially if you’re financing the RV cover.
  • Evaluate the ground cover leading from the RV cover to the road. If you’ll be driving through grass, will you be able to manage to get in and out in heavy rain or while snow is melting? You don’t need to pave every square inch with cement, but you should at least consider gravel to get your RV from the road into the covered area.


Once you've determined the size and placing of your metal carport, you can focus on design. Roof style options include vertical roofs with boxed eaves or A-Frame. Each style is unique and varies in price. You can also customize the color of your carport roof to better match the exterior of your home.


Do you live somewhere that has especially harsh winters, rains, wind, or hot sun? If your RV needs added protection, you may want to invest in side panels for your RV carport. While a closed carport is more expensive upfront, it will better protect your RV in the long run, especially if it’s going to be parked in a harsh climate.


Gable ends help conceal the carport's frame and braces, giving it a more polished look. They also offer additional support against the elements. You can also add decorative trim to the edges of your panels, creating a more finished look. Trusses and bows are two more add-ons that help reinforce the strength of your RV metal carport.

Protect Your RV with a Metal Kit or Custom Cover

Whether you choose a steel pre-fab kit or a custom metal RV cover, you're choosing a material that is long-lasting, sustainable and looks good in urban and residential settings. Request a quote from one of our professionals today to get the process started. Most prefab metal RV carports take from 1-4 weeks for delivery, and getting started today will reduce the time that your RV spends exposed to the elements. If you own an RV park and would like to inquire about bulk pricing, our experienced team is ready to help you.

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