Lesser-Known Benefits of Wide Metal Buildings

Metal, particularly steel, is a popular material in construction. In fact, just over half of all the steel produced globally ends up in buildings and infrastructures. Steel competes closely against wood and concrete as the preferred building material in both domestic and industrial constructions. It is an ideal material choice for wide metal buildings such as barns, warehouses, sheds, stables, workshops, garages, and even residential housing units.

So, what are the befits of steel buildings? Well, here are seven good reasons why you should consider steel for your next construction project instead of wood or concrete:

High Tensile Strength

Tensile strength refers to how well a material resists breaking or deforming under tension. Structural steel has a rated tensile strength of between 360-510 MPa (depending on the grade), much higher than timber and concrete. Steel also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio among the three materials. This means you can build stronger yet lighter structures using steel.

Resilience and Durability

Steel is incredibly resilient to corrosion and other forms of deterioration, even when exposed to harsh weather elements. And being inorganic, steel doesn’t allow any kind of mold or pest infestations on its surface either. Also, steel doesn't burn, and its melting point ranges between 2,500°F and 2,800°F. The result is a wide metal building that can stand strong for up to 100 years.

Easy, Quick Installation

Construction steel parts, such as beams, rods, and sheets, are shipped out of the mills ready for installation. All you have to do on-site is weld, rivet, or bolt everything together. This significantly cuts construction time and labor. While a large concrete or wooden structure might take months to build, a metallic equivalent would take only a few weeks.

Minimal Maintenance

Metal structures experience less wear and tear over time compared to wooden or concrete structures. So, a metal building requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Plus, treated steel finished with a glossy polish or infused paint holds its texture and aesthetic qualities for longer, minimizing the need for frequent repainting and cleaning.

Flexible Customization

Steal is a malleable material that easily bends into various shapes and designs. So, a metal building's architecture is only limited by the designer’s imagination and creativity. You can customize the shape, size, and layout of your metal building to fit any desired purpose or appeal in ways that would be impossible with other construction materials. For instance, you can have custom metal structures milled or machined into unique shapes and dimensions. Plus, you can use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to model and test complex metal structures.

Cost Savings

Pound for pound, steel is more expensive to buy than wood or concrete. But even so, steel remains the more cost-effective building material. A steel building more than makes up for its higher price tag in the long run and during construction through the following ways:

  • Faster and easier construction cuts labor expenses
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Superior longevity and durability
  • Lower material transportation costs


Steel-based constructions are incredibly resource and energy-efficient. There's barely any material wasted to unwanted cuts, and the whole process only requires simple, low-powered (albeit specialized) tools and machines. What's more, metal buildings can be made even more energy-efficient than wood or concrete structures by using factory-insulated sheets and special thermal-proving paints. On top of that, steel is the most recycled material in the U.S. at an 88% recycle rate. All these qualities make steel a sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction material.

Steel is a versatile, durable, and robust building material. It's also surprisingly cost-effective and eco-friendly. A wide metal building checks all the boxes for practical, long-lasting, and affordable construction. If you’re sold on the idea of metal structures, Metal Carports can help you put it into action. We specialize in all things metal, from metal carports and garages to pre-fab and custom buildings. Get a free quote on your unique design today.