Upgrade Your Business With a Customized Commercial Carport

A custom commercial carport or building will add storage space, value, and future potential to your property.

Sun exposure, heavy winds and rain, hail, snow, and falling debris — all these elements take a toll on equipment and business vehicles. A steel commercial carport or building provides the perfect solution for protecting fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, and supplies that power your business. 

Advantages of a Commercial Carport or Building

Many business owners make the mistake of changing locations to gain access to more storage or covered parking, but advancements in the metal building industry have changed the way businesses are expanding across America.

  • Longevity – Steel structures are built from the highest quality metals and constructed to withstand time and weather. If you choose to sell your business in the future, the commercial carport or building will add value. 
  • Cost-effective – Adding a commercial carport or building costs thousands less than traditional construction without sacrificing quality.
  • Sustainable – Steel is highly recyclable, giving your business access to “green tax credits” from federal, state, and local levels. 
  • Custom Options – Forget the old-school metal storage sheds of the past - a customized commercial carport or building can be customized with colors to match your business and local zoning guidelines, and many pre-fab buildings are ready to for HVAC cooling and heating systems, offer plenty of space for interior rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Adding electricity to your metal building is always an option.

Build a custom metal building with one of these classic building styles: 

  1. Garages– Offering shelter and security.
  2. Farm Buildings - Our combo metal buildings offer the best of both worlds: Covered areas for parking and workspace and a storage area with secure doors and windows. 
  3. Vertical Roof Structures:, the strongest style against wear and rust as it allows leaves, water, and snow to run off the sides

Next Steps

Tell us what you need for your property or business, and our expert team will help you determine which building type is the best. With these tips, you can begin the research process and begin gathering information on local building codes. Download UpCodes to begin researching codes and requirements today. Use our online design and build tool to create your ideal structure:

Custom Build Tool