Why Are Metal Buildings the Green Construction Choice?

Green construction is transforming from a short-term trend into a long-term industry goal, and many homeowners are glad to see their options expand for more earth-friendly building. However, don’t overlook some materials that have been available for years that were always a little greener than you thought. Metal carports are among some of the most environmentally friendly types of structures, especially today after years of industry improvements to refine the steel manufacturing and recycling process. You don’t have to choose between metal carports and a green lifestyle since they’re so compatible already.

Longer Lasting

The sheer durability and longevity of metal buildings gives them an edge over traditional wood framed structures. Even with care and routine replacements of the roof and siding, a wood framed carport will only last a few decades before needing a total replacement. In contrast, metal carports often last decades even without proper care and go even longer with the right maintenance and a few minor repairs over the years. There’s no need to replace the roofing on metal carports every 5 to 10 years and generate massive amounts of waste for the landfill, another feature of green construction that is often overlooked in the rush to build with the newest and latest materials.

Reduced Waste

In addition to reducing repair and maintenance waste, metal carports are also produced with less waste. If you’ve ever driven by a traditional construction site, you’ve likely seen dumpsters full of bits of lumber, roofing, and other materials cut from the finished structure. Since metal buildings are designed and fabricated with high-end milling and rolling equipment, there’s very little waste created during the actual construction. The parts delivered to your home are ready to fit together with little left to trim away. Whatever is cut on the site or during manufacturing is reclaimed for recycling, something that is impossible in many cases for small scraps of lumber and asphalt shingles.

Recycled Content

Brand new metal carports are often made with a significant percentage of recycled steel. Steel is one of the most easily recycled materials on earth, losing very little durability or strength as it is reclaimed. It’s possible to find metal carports that are nearly 100% recycled content, although some virgin steel is necessary for essential framing elements. Choosing a steel carport made with a high level of recycled steel won’t compromise the durability or lifespan of the structure either. These metal buildings will last just as long as any other similar structure, allowing you to feel good about your choice to reduce waste for years to come.

Future Use

When you finally decide to upgrade to a bigger metal carport or just decide it’s time for something new, the old structure doesn’t go to waste either. Most of any metal building is easily reclaimed and recycled into new steel structures. If the steel can’t be reused for weight-bearing applications anymore, there’s still a good chance it has other uses. Even the concrete pads commonly poured to support large metal carports are easily reused for new structures or recycled into material for road repairs if removed.

Finishing Options

You’re welcome to choose eco-friendly finishing materials like low-VOC foam insulation and recycled sheetrock to complete your metal buildings. These structures are easily customized to your specific desires inside since there’s no pillars or load bearing walls limiting what you build or where you build it. As long as the material can handle occasional condensation and the expansion and contraction natural to a metal structure as it heats up and cools down, it’s fair game for using in your project to finish in a home, barn, garage, or workshop.

Less Environmental Disturbance

The construction process of installing and erecting pre-fabricated metal buildings also has less of an impact on the construction site. With a faster installation process and less back and forth travel to deliver materials and laborers over the course of months, there is significantly less erosion and airborne dust created. Local waterways are much less likely to be impacted by a metal building installation process than a traditional construction project. If you don’t need a concrete pad, you can get away with minimal clearing and grading to install your metal carports directly into the dirt for as little disturbance as possible.

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