Investing in a Waterproof RV Cover

The Disadvantages of a Poor-Quality RV Cover

Everyone who owns an RV knows that metal RV covers provide the best protection, but it’s tempting to consider fabric waterproof RV covers. But what's not a great idea is choosing an RV cover based on price alone. Here's why:

Cheaper Covers Can Be Difficult to Manage

While the wind itself is not going to post much of a problem for your RV, the combination of wind and getting a cheap cover over your RV might cause a problem. To properly protect your RV, you need a well-engineered waterproof RV cover with vents to prevent billowing and movement, and putting a one-size-fits-all fabric cover during a storm will not be an easy task.

Poor-quality Fabric RV Covers May Damage Your RV

You want your RV cover to be able to stand up to the elements and keep your vehicle safe. Unfortunately, if the RV cover is made of poor-quality fabric, it can damage your paint job or fail to protect your roof from moisture. 

Lower-end Products Do Not Have Much of a Life-span

It's not just rain and snow you have to worry about. Considerations such as UV damage from sunlight, and the repeated rigors and stresses of frequent use, can take their toll. While a fabric waterproof RV cover may have great ratings and fit your budget, it won’t have the longevity of a permanent structure. 

Covers Without Vent Ports Will Make it Difficult to Air Out The Vehicle

Mold and mildew love dark, warm, moist, airless spaces, just like you might find beneath your fabric waterproof RV cover. If you’re going to go the fabric route, make sure it offers vent ports to prevent a moldy or mildew smell inside your RV when you uncover it. 

The Advantages of a Metal RV Cover

Experienced RV owners who invest in metal RV covers and don’t have any regrets. Why?

  • Fantastic weather protection: Made from a strong, long-lasting, 100% recyclable  material, and with the kind of construction you can really rely on, you will be able to protect your vehicle from the elements without a doubt. If you want a 100% waterproof RV cover, go with a motorhome cover garage. 
  • Easy access: Wouldn’t it be nice to load your RV up without hassling with a pesky cover? A custom metal RV cover allows you to space out the side panels, ensuring easy access AND protection. 
  • Longevity. A metal RV cover will outlast a fabric cover by decades and add value to your home or campground.
  • It won't damage your vehicle: Of course, a good cover should protect your vehicle, but it also shouldn't leave any scratches or other damage behind itself. A free-standing building will never damage your RV.

Investing in a waterproof RV cover is just like anything else; you get what you pay for. Rent to own and financing options are available!