RV Cover Kits & Motorhome Shelters

Thinking of investing in an RV Cover kit for your camper? While it’s tempting to consider a fabric RV cover kit, rent-to-own, and financing options for metal RV covers open up many options for you. 

RV Cover Kit: Custom Size Options

Metal RV cover kits are available in sizes from 18’ to 24’ wide. The standard legs for each are 13’ but can extend up to 16’ tall. The construction of these RV shelters includes double legs and double rails. The steel components ensure exceptional strength and support for the cover, ensuring that high winds or heavy precipitation don’t ruin it or reduce its lifespan. Quality metal RV covers use ridged panels and hat channels on the roof for extra strength. 

The simplest and most affordable option is a roof-only cover, which consists of an A-frame roof with no sides, just legs. Next is the roof with partial walls. For complete protection and added security, you may opt for an enclosed RV garage.

Design Options

When choosing your steel RV cover kit, there are several ways you can customize it. Make it your own with color and component options.

Color Picker

Choose from 14 different colors for the roof, sides, and trim.

Component Visualizer

View all of the roofing options, side panel styles, trim and gable ends, and ground packages available: 

Build Your Own Carport

Advantages of MetalCarports.com RV Shelters

All of MetalCarports.com RV Cover Kits will provide RV storage with covers include free delivery and installation. To get your custom RV cover, you can build your ideal structure online and email it directly to our team. We’ll provide you feedback on your design based on your location and climate to help you to make the best decision for your RV.

After verifying the order, we begin the manufacturing process. During this time, you’ll need to properly prep the space. Learn more about how to prep your site for a metal building install and discover rent to own and financing options. For those structures with 14’ legs or taller, a lift will be necessary for installation. Once it’s ready, we ship it to the contractor, who will coordinate installation. Depending on the RV storage cover's complexity, installation may take anywhere from a half a day to two days.