Advantages of Using a 40ft Wide Metal Carport for Your Boat

Many people choose a garage to protect a car or truck from the elements when not in use. Sometimes, this is not a practical solution based on the shape or configuration of the available land, though, and in this case, a carport could be a much better option. Still, if you also have a boat to consider, you should also protect that, especially as the off-season can be so long. If you have the available space, you should think about building a 40 ft wide metal carport so that you can protect all your investments under one roof. Is a wide metal carport the best solution for you?

Protecting Your Boat

Even though a boat is designed to be in contact with the water, it doesn’t do as well if the water is entering from above. Although you may do your best to cover the vessel when it is outside, nothing can beat a carport to protect it from rain or snow. This solution will help preserve the condition of the carpeting, seats, and all of the mechanical components to ensure that your boat can retain its value as it ages.


The beauty of a metal carport like this is that you can customize it in a variety of different ways. For example, you can create a structure with two, three, or four open sides and simply choose to wall off the side exposed to the prevailing wind and other elements. 

Affordability and Resistance

Metal carports are generally more affordable than a purpose-built garage, and you can buy them in prefabricated form. They are designed to be durable and are naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Pests will have fewer corners to colonize as well.

Ease of Access

Remember, it’s not always easy to reverse a boat trailer, and such a maneuver can often foil even the most experienced driver. Likewise, it isn’t easy to back up your boat trailer into an enclosed garage, but it is much easier when dealing with a 40 ft wide metal carport. After all, if you have left some of the sides open, there will be plenty of natural light to help you maneuver.

Make sure that you design the structure with sufficient roof height to accommodate your vessel when loaded onto its trailer.

Choosing the Right Size

A 40 ft wide metal carport is a popular choice, but there are other options available as well. So, make your calculations before you decide so that your final choice has the perfect size and dimension.

Do you have any plans to store items inside, or do you need additional space for workshop duties? If you have to allow room for storage on one side and a workshop on the other, then your structure will be much wider than it would otherwise have been. Calculate the width of your boat when on its trailer and your towing vehicle if needed, so you can choose accordingly.

How to Stop the Structure Swaying

If you have to deal with high winds in your area, you may wonder if they will adversely affect your new, wide carport. To stop the structure from swaying in high winds, ensure that you carefully anchor it to the concrete slab when installing. These anchor points should be buried deep into the concrete when you pour it so they will not go anywhere, even in the worst storm.

Inspecting the Roof

Once you have made your decision and have installed your 40 ft wide metal carport, get into the habit of checking its condition periodically. You need to look at the roof’s condition, especially after any major storm, so you may want to know if it is safe to walk on top. In most cases, the answer is yes but remember that you need to stay close to the supporting joists. Wear shoes with a rubber sole to get the most grip and if need be, think about wearing a safety harness. If you need specific instructions to make sure that you do not damage your roof and proceed as cautiously as possible, reach out to the installer for advice.

Additional Guidance

You may have additional questions and would like to work through your options with an installation expert. In this case, talk to a friendly staff member at Metal Carports to discuss the advantages of using a 40 ft wide metal carport for your boat.